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  1. If I was going to have anyone's baby, I'd want it to be Gerry's. So not ready for that though... (despite the fact that I have a name picked out for Gerry and my baby boy....). But seriously, can you imagine a better man to contribute his DNA to your progeny? ...I think it's impressive that I can drool in a sentence that includes the word "progeny." Steph
  2. Why do you even bother? So that you can prove to others, as well as reinforce it to yourself, that you're still actively pursuing all leads. One will connect, one of these days. I wish you could run screaming out of your town too! I know all about that! Keep checking on those out of town jobs! Maybe mid-year something will open up. Steph
  3. Awww. Wish I'd jumped in on this conversation earlier. Just saw the pictures right now. I both like and don't like the hair. I love that it's still long and getting curlier by the day, but as some have said, something about the way it's styled looks a little messy here. That being said, I'd take it messy at this length than have him cut it off, for sure!! I've been waiting for Gerry to grow his hair out again for awhile now. I have so many fantasies of Timeline-looking Gerry. Maybe it's for a role, or maybe he just wants to keep us on our toes. Or maybe he's just restless and wants to try
  4. Yeah, I'd definitely want him to be "mine," and would love to be his wife when I'm at that point in my life. I'm with you GalwayGirl, I would want him no matter who he was, because it's not his fame or his acting talent that I love (though those are perks), it's the MAN I'm the most attracted to. Steph
  5. Always the gentleman. No matter how successful he gets, he stays real. And those high-heeled shoes are treacherous, by the way. Steph
  6. Thanks Delene. Milo is 45 pounds, so I figure he's a little too big for an in-cabin rule, but I surely will check. I know he'd be less freaked out if he were with me. But I guess when they go in cargo they can do some sort of light sedation to help calm them down too. Thanks Diane! I hope that the program can provide me with the tools to be successful in something that I truly love, not to mention give me an amazingly fun year in a beautiful country! Steph
  7. I went with quite a bit. Although when it comes to things people do and the way they are I want everyone to do what makes them happy just as long as it doesn't impinge on that same freedom of others, but when it comes to let's say, a competing viewpoint that someone is trying to convince me of... at least one member on this board can vouch that my mind is pretty hard to change! Steph
  8. I went with significant other, for now. I think I'd have to upgrade to wife in awhile, but at this point in my life I'd like to be committed to someone, but with plenty of my own space and time. Steph
  9. Thanks everyone on the concern for Milo! Yes, I've looked at the official sites and looked into the requirements for getting him a pet passport. I'll get everything figured out when I get my acceptance. (Notice I said when?) Christine, I'd love to meet you in Glasgow! Maybe by then I'll know my way around and I can show you the sights! Wow Kathy, yeah, that'd be great if Milo could have a seat next to me! He'd be a good little boy. I don't know if he's too big though. I'd probably have to put a muzzle on him for the walk through the airport though, given his predilection to sometimes take
  10. It's a 12 month program, September 2011 to September 2012. Yeah, it's going to be a hassle figuring out how to get Milo over there and I know he'll have to be quarantined for awhile, but I need him with me. He's my baby! Steph
  11. Thanks Heather and Frannie! Heather, if I get in I might call on you for some advice on where to live and such! Steph
  12. He had a playdate today with his girlfriend! Well... he wishes she were his girlfriend... she has other suitors! She's a gorgeous Australian Cattle Dog named Strega. They get along very well! Relaxing in between play bouts. Milo likes to show off! Isn't Strega pretty?? And she's a champ at jumping and catching! A video of them playing! A video of Strega catching her ball! It was such a fun afternoon! We even set up a little jump and tried to get the dogs to go over it for treats. Milo did it once, just perfectly! Strega did it a couple of times too, but she knocked down th
  13. Thanks everyone! I'm so excited! I hope to hear from them soon so that I can start the detail process. Steph
  14. I'm so thrilled!!! I just put all of my materials together and submitted my application for the MLitt Creative Writing program at the University of Glasgow, beginning September 2011! I wish I had some champagne to crack open in celebration!! Now I just have to wait on the acceptance, find some funding, convince my parents I'm not throwing my life away, secure a visa for me, and get a pet passport for Milo! Wow... that's a lot of stuff... but it'll be so awesome!! As god as my witness, I will be writer!!! Thanks Gerry, GALS, and especially you Lisa... I never would have been able to take th
  15. I'm having one of those days right now April. I hope yours gets better. Just remember that you know best what will work for you. Listen to the advice that others have to give, but don't be afraid to say that's not the course you're going to take! Steph
  16. I had a horrible day today and saw these pictures this morning. They were the only things that made me smile! He looks painfully good. I love him all cool and casual! And what synchronicity too... I actually saw a co©k today! A rooster, that is. In uptown New Orleans!! Steph
  17. Like you, Sandy, and I guess some others, it makes me a little nervous to hear all these new projects that Gerry is supposed to produce. Call me selfish, but I like being able to SEE Gerry in the projects that he works on. That being said, I'm also glad that he won't be starring in this one. Maybe it's superficial, but I feel like Gerry is too big a star to appear in a TV miniseries right now. Still, despite my hesitations about all these producing projects, I think Lisa's right that this will go aways in helping him to get respect. I remember when TUT, Gamer, and LAC came out in a span of f
  18. Well, we don't know for sure yet. It could be that he's just not a solid yes yet, so they couldn't list him among those returning. I can't imagine they'd try to get someone else to do Stoick. I'm thinking that if Gerry can't do it then they'll have an explanation for Stoick's absence. I'd love to see Gerry involved in the sequel since he was so great in the first, and I know how much fun he had. That being said, I also know he's busy with a lot of other projects, and I'm equally excited to see how those turn out! Steph
  19. Agreed! We should get that moved to another corner. Steph
  20. I love that shirt in the restaurant pics. And the jeans... And the hair... And the smile.. And the legs... And... And... AND... Whoops, there I go. Steph
  21. Hopefully some of our GALS in Europe will be able to hook us up with the commercial airs! 'Til then, the pictures are more than adequate! We've been in such a drought for so long!! Steph
  22. How dare he film the commercial today!! Doesn't he know that I have work to do?! How am I supposed to focus on Intellectual Property Law with all of these beautiful images that absolutely won't leave my computer screen!! Dirty b*stard! Steph p.s.- Oh my, the hair. Keep it going, Gerry. Just a little while longer and we'll be in Andre Marek territory.
  23. Good luck April!! And no problem about drooling over RC with you. I'm happy to do it! We'll have to do some more soon! Did you get Master & Commander? If so we should watch that together one night. If not... Gladiator! Steph
  24. Thanks to LorraineLK from Twitter for sharing this beauty with us! We sure are hard up at the moment! Steph
  25. Hope Gerry had a great time in South Africa! I wish that we were going to see the completed film sooner than September 2011. I keep hoping for some expedited post-production that will have it popping into theatres early next year or something! I hate to wait... I'm with you Lisa, would love to see some set pics, stills, or an interview! I'd love to hear his take on the project before we get to see the finished product! Steph
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