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  1. SO cute. I think we can all empathize with the trouble with snacking. I'm working from home right now, so the kitchen is only ever a few steps away. I also snack from boredom and snack from stress... not to mention I absolutely love food. Ah, Gerry... no matter how famous you get you continue to be so real.
  2. Awesome interview! So he likes a girl who's one of the guys, huh? Well, I've been all over that one since before becoming a Gerry fan. It's great to hear him express that sentiment because I know from personal experience that there aren't a lot of guys who appreciate it. So, perfect then, I've figured out why he's still single... because he hasn't met me yet.
  3. Eh, I think it could easily be true. He strikes me as one with a wild side, and I definitely know my share of people whose first time experiences were less than picturesque. But yeah, Gerry definitely seems to enjoy the shocking jokes.
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