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  1. Hello GALS everywhere! The check from the convention arrived in the mail today! Your help is ensuring that women, children, and their pets are safe and on a healing journey. Since GALS found The Shade Tree and began supporting our work, more than 10,000 women and children have arrived searching for hope and help. More than 67% of the 309 in shelter today are there because of domestic violence. It is impossible to do this work alone. Thank you to every single person that contributed to The Shade Tree. Your support, friendship, compassion, volunteer work, and synergy lift up everyone in the shelter~ guests, volunteers, and staff. We love you all and send hugs, smiles, and joy to all the GALS! Marlene
  2. Dayna, The video is phenomenal, inspiring, and a perfect reflection of how you live your life - filled with love and infinite possibilities. Marlene
  3. Dear Mr. Butler, Your compassionate gift to match the funds raised by GALS is incredible and a blessing too astonishing for words. I was speechless when your words were spoken at the convention and remain completely thankful and without adequate words to convey how overwhelming grateful I am. Your gift will change the lives of women and children yearning, hoping, and dreaming of a better future. As the humble leader of The Shade Tree, I thank you for beleiving in empowering women and their children on their journey of healing and hope. Marlene Richter
  4. To all the GALS: I feel so blessed to have your support for the women and children in shelter right now. I read all the posts and it is just so incredible to feel this compassion pouring toward our guests. I humbly thank you for your kindness and will tell everyone at The Shade Tree tomorrow morning about your generosity that is woven into a hug reaching out to each of them. The domestic violence prevention message is a perfect match for your compassion. Whenever a young person is empowered to build confidence, they will be equipped with a voice to protect themselves and their friends. I'll gather the information and post it so that all the parents of teens as well as inspired men and women can take the message to your communities. There are many resources available and ready to be presented to the young women and young men in schools and community settings everywhere. During Spring Break and again in Summer Break 2009, the teen daughters of our victims at that time participated in a domestic violence prevention program and they created paintings of their message. Their art work is posted on our web site's home page if you would like to see how they created their voice! Thank you all for helping. You have reached those who are healing and can help keep this tragedy from touching other families. What a miraculous event! Hugs Back to all of you! Marlene
  5. My Oh My! I am speechless! The current bid is our monthly milk bill at The Shade Tree! Imagine all our pregnant moms, 92 babies and children, 36 senior citizens, and about 200 more women eating their meals for an entire month accompanied by nutritious milk. Thank you for your kindness and generous spirit. You are just so amazing! Marlene
  6. To All The GALS, October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and what a poignant way to end the month! Thank you for standing with the women and children that made it out. It has been particularly difficult to see the injuries the women endured recently. I have been working with abused women and children for many years and so don't usually respond with tears but there have been some victims whose injuries and stories have been so profound, it took my breath away. One of the sweetest women with us went to court this week and faced her attacker. When she returned, I gently touched her still healing shoulder and cheered for her victory over her greatest fear. As the week and month come to a close, I am in awe of the network of support woven around these shattered lives from all of you. Tonight the women and children are safe and tomorrow they will awaken and continue to overcome their fears and injuries. I know that each of you will be supporting every step they make and cheering for all the victims to survive and heal. Gratefully Yours, Marlene
  7. To all of you who won, tried to win, and to all of you that contributed, your joyous participation in the auction or raffle in June is today helping so many women and children. Tonight I got to meet our youngest guest in the building. She is seven weeks old and her big blue eyes were taking in all the colors of the shelter around her while her mommy pushed her in the stroller. In the parade coming through our doors behind them were teens excited to start school Monday and toddlers buzzing around in circles. Tonight 307 women, grandmothers, children, and newborn babies sleep safely surrounded by your connected hearts, hands, and smiles. From all of them to all of you- thank you from the depths of their souls. Marlene Richter & The Shade Tree
  8. Hi again, Marlene! have you seen The Ugly Truth? Raunchy but hilarious!



  9. Hi Marlene! Hugs, Katie

  10. Dearest Vegas and Virtual Con GB GALS: I have told and retold the experiences of the weekend to the staff of The Shade Tree today. With each sharing of the destiny that brought all of us to the moment of welcoming the GB GALS into a day at The Shade Tree, I was filled again with overwhelming gratitude for the open hearts of the guests. I knew that all of you were deeply touched by the women and children and their pets that were staying with us but at the same time I was keenly aware that there were so many other ways you all could have spent your morning in Vegas. We have music and arts, comedy and gourmet dining, everything to make a visit to Vegas an escape from the stresses of everyday life. Instead of escaping though, you chose to embrace their pain, empower them on their journey, and ensure their days and nights ahead are safe. It is that knowledge that set the foundation for my admiration of all of you. The tour and your connection to our cause turned out to be just the beginning of the story though. Each one that visited shared the experience with another and by the time the gala began, the connection had been made with everyone. The compassion and generosity during the auction, the giftbags of wonderful treasures, the moments at the end of the evening gathering sea shells for the children to have, and even pet store gift cards given anonymously touched my heart. On Sunday when I was back at the shelter with some volunteers that were painting, a new wave of generosity led some to come back to the shelter and make a delivery of food, sea horse pictures, shirts, movies, more sea shells, dinnerware, and a check. They were messengers of love and compassion toward the women and children rebuilding their lives. I have not ever met any group with more genuine compassion for the women and children we serve. It was such an uplifting experience to have been a part of this journey. On behalf of the dogs, cats, babies, school children, teens, mothers, and grandmothers whose lives have been touched by your actions during the convention- THANK YOU! May the generosity and friendship offered to The Shade Tree be returned to you a million times over. All of you remain in my thoughts and prayers. Marlene
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