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  1. Gerry, I just wanted to send you my love and support at this time. You have always been so sweet and amazing and I have so much respect for you. The integrity you have demonstrated only makes me respect you more and I am so grateful for every second of time you've given us. I know you will only be stronger when all this is behind you. Please know that you have more love and support than you could ever know and we will always be there for you. Big Hugs, Kristine
  2. sue - greatest london fan do we know if he is coming to london for a premiere for coronolanus or machine gun preacher at all, and also when you say machine gun preacher will show more 30 september, does that include uk, or will we have to wait until next year. its been ages since he came over here for a premiere, march 2010, and his last film was how to train your dragon, also 2010. we want more of gbutt please This is such great news!! I'm so excited for Gerry. Thanks Moira for the information, You Rock!
  3. Thanks for the excellant reviews ladies!! Moira you out did yourself again! I think this sounds brilliant and I can't wait to see it. I personally love Shakespeare and am in no way worried about the language. Seems to me the best to get us "Americans" to appreciate it..is by exposure. I must admit I get tired of the industry assuming we "Americans" won't like to go see a movie based on it being "English/British" or Shakespeare...Same damn thing happend when RocknRolla came out and that annoyed the hell out of me too. The King's Speech did great and given that Weinstein knows how to
  4. I'm very interested to see how this turns out. I don't know much about surfing myself or the industry of it. I'm sure Gerry has a bead on something or he wouldn't have agreed to it. Like Marg said...something different and new and we are in for suprises I'm sure. He is always stepping outside of the box the media wants to put him in. I'll be there with bells on when it comes out!!! Sparty
  5. I agree with all of you.............don't need to add a thing. It is rather ridiculous isn't? Sparty
  6. Gerry is Networking!!! Like Lisa said....The Man is no dummy...he's workin it!!! Bet that was a fun party!!!! Sparty
  7. I hope this means a wide distribution and advertising...........I don't want this sacked like RnR got from the media!!! I really think this is gonna be a HUGE movie for Fiennes and G! Keeping everything crossed...I hope this is all good news and happens!!!!! sparty
  8. Well.. it sounds interesting for sure! I guess the language could be a problem for taking kids to see??? Wonder what the rating will end up being? I really hope it comes out really good! Evil Twin needs another good Rom-Com to come out. After Corio/MGP....it will be nice to have something light and fun...I'm sure for Gerry too! Cheers Sparty
  9. I agree with Moira...he never commits to early. Heck, he may not being that much attention to the time table right now...LOL...He's said before we know more about his schedule than he does!!! HA! I think he'll show up and if he doesn't...he'll have a good reason. Cheers, Kristine
  10. I would love nothing more than to be able to make it to this event. I've never been before and it looks like fun! I always see so many of my friends there...... I am not able to attend because the June date always conflicts with my last week of school. I am a teacher and the convention always seems to fall the last few days of the school year and as the teacher I have to be there to send the kids off and make sure all paperwork and stuff goes home and shut down my room for the summer...So, unfortnately I can never get there.......hopefull one day when maybe the calendars will align like t
  11. I think this awesome...something else to be thankful for!!!!
  12. Thanks for all the grand comments ladies! Being a die-hard Spartan my whole life and an alum words can't describe the feelings of having him see all that MSU as and our great love for him and the movie. It was incredible when 300 came out how MSU just latched on took it to a new level. I truely think Gerry had a wonderful and I know MSU treated him like The King!!!!!! Thanks! Sparty...know you know the reason behind my name..LOL! Forbesgirl...Nice siggy...! Cheers
  13. Way to go, Gerry! University officials were unavailable for comment Sunday as to why Butler was at MSU. Is it me or does this sound a little awkward? Should University officials have commented on Gerry's presence at MSU? Why? Chris I don't understand that either. I thought it was obvious. I don't care why what MSU University Officials say or don't say. I was there and was never so excited! I have been waiting years to have Gerry know about how we use the 300 in all our athletic events!!! We use his voice, use clips from the movie during games...football, hockey, and basketball.
  14. Way to go, Gerry! University officials were unavailable for comment Sunday as to why Butler was at MSU. Is it me or does this sound a little awkward? Should University officials have commented on Gerry's presence at MSU? Why? Chris I don't understand that either. I thought it was obvious.
  15. Wow...Wow............Wow............. He looks fabulous! I love his hair too! I think I've run out of words...hard to believe! Beautiful pics......... Cheers Sparty
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