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  1. Hi Another teaser vid of Piers Morgan Intv http://edition.cnn.c...tler-weight.cnn Actor Gerard Butler talks to CNN's Piers Morgan about losing weight for movie roles, and then gaining it back.
  2. Phoenixgil, Can you say what is about the red door, please?..I am new so I can´t recognize it.
  3. Thanks for the updates Moira. Glad that Gerry is walking the red carpet.
  4. And why? Because I want, sensitive and uber attentive Gerry K, fatefully romantic Andre Marek and the mysterious but sensual man virgin Erik. Let's see, we need some bad boy thrown in there too, as if the Phantom's occasional killing sprees weren't enough, to spice things up. How about Terry Sheridan, for dangerous narcisist, One Two for bumbling thug, or Mike Chadway manwhoring, misunderstood, misogynist? Put them all together and you've pretty much got Germerik Sheroneway. I left Dracula out. I don't want to come home one day and find all the blood drained out of my cats. Delene
  5. Thanks Moira for the info, I did not know that fans could go to the Golden Globes until you were interviewed by the reporter. Now I'm considering going. I am an entertainment fan so for sure I´ll enjoy. And as you say it is well organised and everyone is so respectful even better. Elena
  6. Maybe next year. how many months in advance is better to reserve, Moira? Thanks
  7. It is on youtube now http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QtUpZdj4KZk
  8. It is another premiere interview video. http://www.tv2underholdning.no/gkn/her-flo...he-2992085.html
  9. It is an Oslo interview. http://www.vgtv.no/?id=27121&category=5
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