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  1. Wow, that really is a good article. Thank you Barb and Sonya
  2. blueangel

    Nick Boyle

    Ok, I've looked at the site as well and must say that he doesn't do it for me either. He's not that bad but he's just not my type :s
  3. I want to say something as well. Gerry is and hopefully will always be who is and has been for years. The goofball we love. He hasn't changed over the years but I do have a feeling that we are changing over time. It's normal you want to protect the ones you care for and all of us here care for him but... Why would he suddenly have to be more careful than othertimes? Because we think stupid of him? When MJ did that with his boy, did you forgive him? And that was a kid! Gerry may have not thought this through but like many said before, that's just the way he is, that's why we lov
  4. No you're not over-dramatizing, I felt the same way, heart-breaking :-(
  5. I LOVE IT!!! ^^ The fan he imitates, the way he says commercial, I need an emoticon pulling out hair haha, oh my, he's so cute in this one ^^
  6. Retouching is a 'normal' thing in photography (doesn't mean I think it's normal btw) but he didn't have retouching at the premier and he looked damn fine there. And a lot younger. I was amazed how much younger he looked. And well rested as well. And that makes you look younger too. He was at the end of his energy lately and that makes you look older, maybe we're not used to a well rested Gerry anymore. Doesn't matter really, he is gorgeous and that won't change 'Where he is on his hands and knees' picture that
  7. Oh it was a wonderful evening. First of all I want to thank Moira, Natalia (Matreshka) en Maria and all the other gals I have met. You are so wonderful people and so very kind. I don't really have a story, I just enjoyed standing so close to the barriers and take it all in. I have been able to just look at him and stare ^^ He is so unbelievably gorgeous and sweet and kind to everyone. It really was a pleasure to just see him and be so amazed how much younger and good looking he looks. It's as if he's gone back in time. For me as well it was the first time that I saw him and I was amaze
  8. Oooh I just looooove this video, so typical Gerry Thank you so much for sharing
  9. Thank you for the videos It was an awesome night
  10. Oh he looks gorgeous again, like usual, but I also think he looks tired again :s
  11. yeah, I've tried a few of the products I use, one of my favorite perfumes is the one from Jean-Paul Gaultier. It tested 9 :o !!! Can you believe that? Wow, it's very high, I almost died when I saw it and I really do love the fragrance A few other stuff I tried tested rather safe, or, let me say, reasonable, better than that perfume anyway :-(
  12. Just wishing you a happy birthday filled with joy and happiness, family and friends, (cupcakes and apple pie ^^) Enjoy every moment of it and I wish you lots of dreams, luck and love, not only for today but for every day for the rest of your life... Hugs Nath
  13. blueangel

    Pet Photos

    Oh I hadn't seen this topic yet. All of your pets are soooooooo cute Here's my big baby, a beautiful, crazy but the sweetest grown up puppy you can imagine My bernese mountain dog Ennis: Here he was about one year http://img76.imageshack.us/img76/6106/0523ym.jpg This was taken in spring after previous wintershot http://img216.imageshack.us/img216/8796/mvc030s9vw.jpg And this is taken a few weeks ago http://img691.imageshack.us/img691/6501/fotootjes1406160.jpg In january he will be 5 and he truly is my treasure He picked me instead of me picking him and he was the happiest of the
  14. Yes I'm so glad you have the chance to see the movie as well and have an intro by the master himself And I'm looking forward to meet you all too, isn't it sunday yet?
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