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  1. Morning, Girls. Didn't do my laundry yesterday.....doing it today. Kristi wants to go to lunch. Meeting at 1130! From NI.....the airline worker to Alexandra when Alexandra tells her that she thought this plane was the big plane. Next: "Frankly, I'm amazed that you made it this far!" (man to woman) Later, Pat
  2. Morning, Girls. Well, got a couple errands to do this morning....bank and post office. Then come back home and do a couple loads of laundry. Les, Marge and I and going up to Traverse City (about 2 1/2 hours north of Grand Rapids. Gonna leave around 9am Sunday and return Monday night. It's such a nice city! We're gonna walk around and maybe shop a little when we get there Sunday around noon, visit a couple wineries and visit a lighthouse. There's a delicious Cajun Restaurant where we'll do dinner and then come back to the hotel right on Traverse Bay. Then Monday, we'll visit
  3. Morning, Lyn Nope never happened to me that way. Woke up a lot to use the bathroom though! Finally, woke up at 545a and just stayed up. Gary was coming for breakfast and then he dug up the day lilies and then took the three bags to the dumpster. I'm out there putting some Round Up on the ones that are near the railroad tie border. Trying to spray in a stream right on the day lily leaves! got the other end of the garden to do but we want to let them bloom because we don't remember what they are for sure. Gonna go fill the last bag and sweep all the RR ties! It's all that ben
  4. Morning, Caireen, Caireen....low blood sugar is not fun! That's dangerous! My SIL has it, too and she has to have protein all the time. Just be careful! Not fun! Rayna.....I think Bill did fix it. There's a little receiver-like contraption that Erin put under my TV on the left side. When I was dusting a couple days before Sunday....I must have moved it around without realizing it. When Bill was checking behind/under my tv.....he "righted it." It has a tiny blue light on it and it must send a "beam" to the remote. Haven't tried it this morning yet but it worked
  5. Morning, Girls. Had a really nice time yesterday with Gary, Les and Bill. I think Bill fixed my ROKU. I haven't turned the tv on yet this morning.....so we'll see. Hope you all had a nice day. It was partly sunny but not real warm. From TR2....Lara to Terry when he's in prison when they first met up. Next: "OK....you want to leave go ahead........!" (man to woman) Later, Pat
  6. Morning, Girls and Happy Mother's Day, Hope you all have a wonderful day today. Bill, Les and Gary are coming here today. We're getting Popeye's chicken and sides. I baked a white cake with cream cheese icing and coconut and got some Bananas Foster ice cream. Think we'll have enough calories? lol From TUT....Mike to Abby in the balloon about being in love with her. Next: "Do everything else but!" (man to woman) Later, Pat
  7. Morning, Lyn. I didn't get to bed until after 2am! Haven't tried the TV.....probably the same. If I get another ROKU, I'll have to have Erin set it up again. I wish I had someone near me to fix things for me. She lives about 35 miles from me. I hate asking her to do things for me. Put new batteries in and you have to push the button so many times. Don't know what the problem is! When Bill, Les and Gary come over tomorrow....I'll see if Bill knows anything about it. He probably won't! From TUT.....Mike to Abby after his Jello Twins episode! "Can we get her?" H
  8. Morning, Girls. Gonna clean today and bake a cake for Mother's Day. Bet you're glad you have your desktop, Rayna. I would be! Sorry, your cleaning lady couldn't come. Tuesday should be fine. This is TUT....Abby to Mike about how her cat stepped on the remote on her bed. Next: "There's no such thing as a good one!" (man to woman) Later, Pat
  9. Morning, Lyn. Gonna go get myself together. I have to meet Pam at 11a at the Cheesecake Factory! I've only been there once and once in Florida. Supposed to rain too and it's cool here. Really overcast! Of course, I know this is RnR....can't remember if it's Johnny Quid in the elevator when the one guy is shot?? Next:"Ah well.......you'd better come in then! (man to woman) Later, Pat
  10. Morning, Rayna. Went to the grocery this morning and just put everything away. Made some breakfast and have way too many calls already. I have one more bag to get from my car and I have to take the bags down to the dumpster from the garden mess! From RnR.....One Two to the guy in the fur coast in the Speiler. Next: "Drop me off on the way home....I'm going back to bed!" (man to men) Later, Pat
  11. Morning, Lyn. Worked out in the garden with my neighbor Terry yesterday for hours. That plant was horrible to dig out. I still haven't finished with it. Gary said he would come over this week and do it. The roots are so deep! I got a whole trash bag full of the roots with some dirt attached! From 300....Leonidas to his young son when he's teaching him to fight. Next: "Hell of a good start!" (man to man....others present) Later, Pat
  12. Morning, Lyn. From 300.....the little dying girl to Leonidas. Next: "Choose your next words carefully, ........, they may be.............!" (man to man....others present) Later, Pat
  13. Morning, Lyn. Well, will wonders never cease!!!! I was about to dismantle my computer and I thought I'd try it one more time.....had it off for a couple of days. The Lenovo sign came right on and I'm about ready to kiss it!!!! lol I'm gonna let it on and then call Best Buy(Geek Squad) at 10am. I was due to take it in at 1pm. Hopefully, it will be OK and I won't have to take it in! I was thinking that I was gonna have to buy a new one! Thank you, God!!!! I haven't gone through all of your quotes....so I hope I don't repeat one! From PSILY.....Gerry to
  14. Morning, Girls. Looks like rain....haven't checked the weather yet on the computer. From.....PSILY.....Gerry to Holly in her dream in bed. Next: "..... loved you, I saw that!" (woman to woman....man present, too) Later, Pat
  15. Morning, Girls. I didn't get to work in my garden yesterday.....it was really windy! Supposed to be really warm today....hope it's not windy. Got to dig out some day lillies...they're taking over the one end of the garden. Trying to get it all ready. Pam and I go to the nursery the last week of May. Usually, that's safe in Michigan!!!! Hope you were able to get up early, Lyn. Also, hope your Mom's trees were taken care of, Rayna. From LAC....Clyde to Nick in the round cell. Next: "Thank you....it's a single!" (man to man....othe
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