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    My grandsons and my children are my biggest interest these days. Watching them grow amazes me. <br />One day I will go to Scotland, find the "family" so to speak, and if I happen to run into Mr. Butler.......Well, its been great knowing you all But I ain't coming back!<br /><br />Hugs Toni

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  1. Welcome to GALS tonifinds1 :)

  2. Good morning, afternoon evening Ladies, Just another quick drive by. I was supposed to be driving over to Pinedale WY (kinda by Jackson Hole WY) today to spend 4 days with the hubby, but ewww white out and black ice on a truely tiny road. Sooo nope I'm staying home. I will try again tomorrow. Hubby's not soo happy but he gets why I aint goin! (I'm a big chicken) Hey there Celine I saw ya *big squishy hugs* how ya been? I took a quick trip to the gallery...........HOLY HANNA! Now of course I will have to mop up around my pooter before something shorts out! (Its a new pooter, can't have it
  3. Hi GALS' Wanna see a blast from the past??? That would be me *hahaha* I did a quick and random drive by of my favorite place and what do you know... we are now over 6000 strong! HOLY COW! I can still remember the first day we were officially "on our own". (We did some serious celebrating I can tell ya). Dana girl look what you GALS have done. A world wide meeting place for fabulous women (couple of men too huh). Hi Swannie, and Ms. Sporran yours were about the only names that I saw and recognized (oops still cant spell) HUGS to yas! well I'm off to look around a bit more..... sooo many dr
  4. You are sooo sooo sweet. Hugs and Kisses!

  5. Hey Toni, woman! Happy Birthday, babe!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Swan, Good Gal. Don't let the nitwits stop you from sharing "our collective soul". I cannot count the number of times that I have read something you have written, and been so very grateful that you put into words all the joy that is my heart. (And always so much better than I could have done it myself) Never take to heart the nasty pettiness of those people who have nothing to believe in and no one to share it with. LUVS ALWAYS TONI
  7. Yesterday when I got home from taking my daughter Tarin to her doctor. I found a small box sitting on my diningroom table. When I opened it I found a beautiful silver pendant, with my mothers intial on it and a rose. The Mods and you Gals are wonderful. It is the perfect way for me to keep the memory of my mother close to my heart. You have made this painful time in my life so much easier to bare. I know that I'm not posting nearly as much as I used to, But I still check in every day. You amazing women are always making me laugh, are always giving out hope and love and friendship. Thank-yo
  8. Valets in small leather thongs pleeeeeeeeeeeease!!! This one works for me! hehehe Twinks misses you too. I am surprised you arent recieving tons of text messages from her. Ever since she got that phone of hers, I am pretty sure it only leaves her hands while she is in the shower.
  9. Well Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Wy, Montana, Nevada ....... Have I forgtten anywhere? hehehehe I think I need a laptop and internet connection in my car
  10. See somehow I knew you would all understand. Swannie I miss you too, and I am soo glad to hear that you are still writing. One day I WILL buy that novel in leather bound hardback How is your Nathan doing? He is so talented he deserves only the best. (You too) Song thank you for letting me keep my head,hahaha. But you know Attila would have been nice too :greatking: I heard from Chris that you havent had the best year either hugs to you too. I missed Vegas but I am soo there next year. Chris and I both so start preparing yourselves now.... Jill thanks I miss being on the boards
  11. I have missed you all so much, and I wish I had more time to get to know all the new members, but things have been a crazy for the last year. I hope you all forgive me. My oldest Tarin is getting married and I have a new grandson. His name is koshon and he just turned 3 years old. Tarin and her almost hubby have going to rounds in a custody thing that finally got settled about month ago in time for his 3rd birthday. She is also defying the doctors and having a baby of her own (due in Sept. but expected in about 3 weeks) She has agreed to move home for the birth we have much better doctors h
  12. I miss you merge.



  13. Do you know how much I have missed you? I wish you would come around more.

  14. Merggeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Its good to have you back!

    big hugs,


  15. It feels so good to have the internet back at home too. I can do a lot less lurking and lot more playing Still trying to figure out all the new stuff but hey I got time. Swan sorry to hear about your hubby, but I'm sure you will have him up and about before long. How is Nathan? Hi Susan I see you here too. Thank you for the warm re-welcome? Ladyfran I look forward to meeting you too. Hugs to everyone Toni
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