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  1. You see, there's another reason I shouldn't go to Vegas. If there's a Scot in the room nobody would get a word in LOL.
  2. He is so right about the accent though. We Scots guard our heritage and countrymen fiercely. We don't want anything to take it away from us. We have fought for hundreds of years for the right and refuse to give it up LOL. It's a clan thing where we protect our own I was born and bred in Glasgow and I will always consider Scotland my home, but that is not to say that I don't love living here. When I first came over I talked at ninety miles an hour and chopped off the end of my words. I got so tired of having to repeat myself I had to learn to slow down and enunciate. People say you d
  3. Thanks for the siggy compliment! Black and white photos have always been my favorite. Welcome to GALS.

  4. Looking knackered big man. But hell skelp it in tae ye. It's yer ane fault fur being so guid Get some rest!!
  5. Hi, I just recently joined this wonderful group of fellow Gerry fans and I am having a great time here. I would have loved to have joined everyone at the convention but I doubt it will be possible. So I was thinking that if I couldn't be there in person then at least a part of me could be so I had an idea to make pendants for those that are going (and for anyone that wants one) with "GB GALS" on them. They could be glass, or bezels with a nice font which could be in various colors if needed. I was wondering who I would need to contact to get permission to use the name? I want to make
  6. Hello Stuart. Finally I get around to thanking you for the welcome. Had so much going on with Homeland Security the past couple of days lol. My mother was from Stirling. Born in Bannockburn and is buried in the cemetary there. Missing home today so I'm a wee bit hamesick :(

  7. I love this siggy. There is always something so intense about black and white pics :)

  8. Oh and it's raining at home...................check out Eilean Donan castle lit up This is where I visit often. http://www.camvista.com/scotland/scenic/ei...donancastle.php
  9. Now I am really homesick again. It makes me cry There are times when I am really grateful for what I have here but on days like this when I just got back from Homeland Security to renew my residency and I checked this forum it brings it all back just how beautiful my homeland is. The times I have walked across the bridge at Eilean Donan Castle and enjoyed a plate of Haggis and neeps washed down by a big glass of Irn Bru. Missing the guid auld days
  10. ACelticgirl2

    We Want YOU!

    Dang I so want to be there. I had mentioned in the Jewelry thread that I was considering making glass pendants (for those of you who are going to the convention) to wear and then someone else said they weren't going but would be interested in one. I make jewelry and have a wee shop online so if I got permission to use "GB Gals" I could put that on the pendants. I won't however, use any of Gerry's pics unless I have his permission or a release (which would be greeeeaaaat) since that falls under copyright laws and you can't break those. So let me know what you think and who I shoul
  11. Ok Miss S. Fingers crossed LOL.
  12. I have noooooo idea what I am doing wrong trying to reply to the PM ugh!!
  13. Sorry Miss S. It's still giving me an error. Can you just ask me in the thread what it is you want to know?
  14. Sorry Miss S. I am having trouble replying to your PM. It keeps giving me an error.
  15. I really have to have my ducks in a row for this project. I refuse to use anything that is copyright i.e. images of Gerry without his specific permission or release. You have to be very careful with these types of issues I would also have to get permission to use "GB Gals" as this was not my concept. Anything is possible though, providing I'm not breaking any laws LOL. (You know, Law Abiding Citizen and all that) So if the plan comes together then by all means you would be able to have a pendant too
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