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  1. I thought this cover was supposed to be sexy. Instead, Gerard appears to be angry (is he being punished for something?) and Jennifer's face looks weird. There is no chemistry between them. No wander Gerard always denied any romantic association with her. Of course, I still think he is a great actor and a beautiful man, but he looked more comfortable in the pictures with Gabourey Sidibe on the red carpet. That was fun. Stefania
  2. Stefania

    Yes and No

    No, not yet. Do you like to play darts?
  3. Someone asked me if I can describe the smell of winter in a few words and the first thing that came into my mind was the smell of baked apples and cinnamon. I don’t even eat baked apples, but I cannot resist their wonderful smell. It invades my whole being and I just surrender unconditionally to it. Various other familiar scents instantly came rushing into my mind: the fresh scent of green needles from a pine tree, crushed between the fingers, the sharp, but invigorating smell of cold, the warm smell of homemade bread, the unique smell of winter fireside stories. Well, now I’m curious: can you smell winter in the air? What does your winter smell like?
  4. I have the same pair of Nike shoes since 2004, so I know how he feels in that case. I just found an amusing image of him going to the cashier and saying "I like these shoes, I'll take 5." Then walking out with 5 boxes of the same shoes. Lucky shoes for happy feet! (I should work in shoe advertising!)
  5. Maybe he just thinks that the best shoes are those that feel good when worn. Anyway, life is too short to wear uncomfortable shoes... Stefania
  6. I wonder if his assistant has peeked in to the forum and noticed the poll and our comments on his latest look. "Gerry, here's today's vote..." hahahahaha! Gerry should "peek" in here himself sometime, if he hasn't already. Delene I really enjoy our naughty comments. They are just healthy, innocent comments of wonderful, open-minded women who are looking at some new hot pictures of a passionate, loving, very sensual man. Are we all agreed on this?
  7. I don't know about you, but I just want to send naughty little text messages to him. Shame on me!
  8. Check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSnmEKMjOBE Enjoy it! Stefania
  9. Unsingle people can flirt too. There's nothing wrong with it. And I agree that humour can in many situations diffuse a tense situation, but not always. Sometimes it can cause it in those who do not see the "humour" and perhaps escalate it in others. I believe I have a good sense of humour but there are some topics that making a joke about it, becomes tasteless and rubs me the wrong way but we are all different in that regard. Delene I agree that people who are not single can flirt. I never said there’s something wrong with it. I was just talking about single people, like Gerry. And I should have said harmless humor, lighthearted, meant to entertain. Stefania
  10. Normal single people have a natural tendency to flirt. In my opinion, Gerry is a normal, friendly Scottish man, who enjoys a harmless flirtation, loves to have a good time and knows that humor helps break up tension in every situation. My kind of man... Stefania
  11. There are some amazing, unique, romantic bridges in Europe that can take your breath away. But a bridge is more than a beautiful architectural achievement and a way from point A to point B. By imagining a bridge, one tries to join what is separated. A bridge is a voyage between two different worlds. In this case, a man and a woman. But I won't bore you with the symbolism of the bridge... Gerry knows.
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