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  1. Awww those videos are just too cute! Thanks for posting them=) Its really good to see that Gerrys really enjoying himself(but then again who wouldent xD) and having a good time.. That makes me kind of having a good time when I know that hes good.. Haha sounds lame, but its the truth...
  2. Hahaha have you guys seen this!! The ending is epic! I seriously laughted my arse off when I saw this.. SO cute! "s**t!" xD ahaha just watch it and get ready for a biiig laugh:P
  3. Smith

    My Gerry vector!

    Aww thank you!=) Ill do the first one then.. Starting now, got so exited.. Homework will have to wait till tomorrow:D
  4. Smith

    My Gerry vector!

    okeey I opened the first picture on my dads PC, but now that I came home I tried it on my Mac, and it became MUCH bigger, so I can do the first one if you want that? Your decision;)
  5. Smith

    My Gerry vector!

    Absolutely perfect, Sue! Ill start on it as soon as I get most of my homework done.. Got loads of it now, so be patient=) I can PM you when its done so you dont have to hang around here to find out if its done or not;) hugs, Karianne
  6. Smith

    My Gerry vector!

    Havent got the grades back yet, Phoenixgirl=) And Irish: Id love to do that picture, he looks gooorgeous there! But.. Its too bad quality, do you have another version with a better resolution, i`ll gladly do it;)
  7. Smith

    My Gerry vector!

    Awww thank you so much everybody! Honestly i didnt expect so many comments.. Made my day:D The program i use is called adobe illustrator CS4 and basically all I do is to draw over a real picture to make the vector.. So every single stroke you see is digitally drawn.. Haha the beard was a hell lot of work! But worth it.. Now I know evey single part of his face, every little beardstubble<3 haha..*stalker* I also do requests if anybody wants something in vector!=) Just ask, I dont bite;)
  8. Smith

    My Gerry vector!

    I worked on this for a school project.. Ahh such great motivation for school! http://i51.photobucket.com/albums/f395/Kar...erardButler.jpg
  9. Well, Ive just gotta say Gerrys the best anyway and I love him for becoming the actor that he is. If he continued on as a lawyer, we wouldnt know what an amazing man he is. Maybe we all would be drooling over George Clooney instead xD Damn that makes me wonder.. Think about all the other men in the world that we dont know about thats nearly as awesome as Gerry.. I like that thought! But.. No one will ever top our great Gerard Butler, right?
  10. Youre welcome everybody!=) Its so wonderful to see him as himself.. 100 % Gerry, I like it! I would give soo much to sit on the front row, think about it.. Just looking in these beautiful eyes and make eye contact with him as he speaks penguin xD It would be really cool with him as Robin Hood, but I think him as James Bond would be even better.. He would be the perfect Bond:D
  11. I stumbled across this on youtube 5 mins ago.. Look at how nervous poor Gerry is..! Reminds me of a little boy having a presentation at school or something.. Aww he`s the best<3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSnmEKMjOBE
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