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  1. Well of course he did...this is what a man looks like. I'm getting sick and tired of these little boy men walkin' around with there waxed chests and glossy faces.
  2. It's hard to watch when you can't here his purrrr...oh well, there will be more.
  3. Think about it though....it's like playing characters in a movie, they don't always look like themselves...like the article said, they were portraying the whole 9 and a half weeks thing.
  4. It is quite possible that it is going to be a modern time period film...similar to Romeo and Juliet..it' s beginning to look and sound that way....who knows, it could just be some dude who made up some poster to twist people up.....after all, you can't believe everything posted on the internet.
  5. ...and they said he dyed it...pah !...but you're right, his natural masculine beauty is............" big looong drawn out sigh" I think I need help......
  6. good one....... he probably goes raw...man like him needs room you know. I see Gerard as the underwear on the head wearing type of guy, when he's alone with someone he trusts and is goofin' around.......or is that something I do, and am just projecting. No, you're not...I can see him doing that, after all he did fake tattoo the directors faces from " gamer " on his bum....and then there was the donut incident ( his words )...yeah, he's a total joker.
  7. Y'all have to "hear" Moira say that in your mind to truly appreciate it. Think: "Loomberjack Slahm" with a Scottish roll! Dang. Now, I'm hungry for Denny's... You guys crack me up.........you gotta take it on the road......Denny's, heh heh.
  8. shudder shudder.....in a good way. On a serious note, I think we all say that at some point, I just look and think about the people I work with and it amazes me how most of them think very little of their physical disabilities and just go on about their business and daily routines regardless of wheel chairs and the personal care provided to them. I guess they're just used to it. ...and life is such.......
  9. good one....... he probably goes raw...man like him needs room you know.
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