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  1. I personally have some issues with his not disclosing in an interview who his "girlfriend" is because when this man is that, he is all that. Telling someone to google him? Eh? When it is real and SINCERE he'll not use the words "I'm in a relationship." or have a "girlfriend" but will say it out of his mouth if proud of her, her name. No. We have good for right now person. And kids... all at that go with his films. SlimChance
  2. I like it but for too much whites of his right eye. Looks weird. I love him like cash, but I'm not too sure I'll see this one. It's too personal on two levels. Hope it's a hit for him! He needs it! Other than that this looks like a big blockbuster and HE is the star despite its more starts than the Milky Way in it! So is Thunder Run to start filming soon? What's up with that? Sam get the start-time set back? SlimChance
  3. What I find so intriguing is he leaves it on. It's as if he's sending a message to someone? Okay, that's a bit over-the-top as he most likely forgot to remove it for the entire trip being photographed in it even in First Class? I find it odd, but then so is he... in a good way. Did anyone see the October 23, 2012 Chasing Mavericks photo shoot? Wow, if faces could speak, and they do, his would say a lot. For some reason, and I think this could be a bit of his "problem" (in quotes for a reason), is that when still, when calm, he appears far more, ah, mature? What? Focused? Intelligent? Tog
  4. Wow, what a different a year makes. I thought people would be talking about his (possible) hospital wristband? My guess is he's been cleared for filming (Thunder Run) and travel abroad (to the mid-east). He's a pensive "temple hands" picture that could simply be his spotting the paps and deciding to be cool about it. Really sorry about the lack of traffic here these days, but it is about the same at all fan sites. Even IMDb is dead. Just Jared is alive but low in "numbers" too with just a few moniker-changing die-hard posters. Slimchance
  5. Most of my positive sentiments are at IMDb (GerrysWHATEVERITISNOW) thinking Gerry has taken his career by the horns and is working hard to rekindle interest in it, and him in it and put PythonGate behind him. SlimChance
  6. AND the closest we might ever get to him as Burns. (sad face pout)SlimChance
  7. They're nice. He gave a good interview. Look forward to him tonight, if my alarm can wake me. Couldn't help notice the crowd behind him were more into themselves and being seen on the monitor? Ah, that's new. Thought that odd, very. My worst nightmare is rent-a-fans for his premieres especially with the antics of this summer that have touched everyone in some way and distanced, angered or turned off so many (JMO). SlimChance
  8. Being punctual not only refers to being on time for work or for meetings or appointments whilst at work, but also being ready and prepared on arrival. It involves a degree of commitment to the job role, organization and time management, travel planning, and an awareness or understanding of the importance of being on time and behaving responsibly or professionally whilst at work. Late workers impact negatively on productivity and co-worker morale, particularly for other employees who depend on them or who have to provide cover. It's also a sign of respect. On the downside it can be an attention
  9. Dear Gerry, Happy Birthday! I wish you peace of mind always. May you find it today, but most importantly, know where to look. Kathy
  10. Me neither. Looks like a quality year for Gerry in 2011. He didn't act much (in film) last year so really hope he get more roles lined up after Playing The Field. Your avatar of Gerry removing his hat is cracking me up! My how time flies when we'e having fun. Kathy, SlimChance
  11. Want to be in Law Abiding Citizen? No. Sorry. But watching the filming and being a part of the process can strip the grip of the movie story away from viewing it as a seat sitter. Dig me? So no. Gerry or not [read: sorry my love] I'd rather wait to see the end product. It is as it is. Saw Two Lovers with Joaquin Phoenix (read: wow) and don't wish to see that exposed either. My baby's in deep in this. He has a 10 year age span. It's dark. He's responsible for chaos in the city, revenge or not... it's not an easy place to go. [kisses sweetie] He needs to learn to speak American with Philly
  12. So like will he be sportin' another kilt on the cat walk again? [swooning] Might it be of the tartan variety as opposed to leather this go'round? No worries. I'm just glad the lug's stayin' on the east coast as much as he can. I dislike the City of the Fallen Angel, new home there or not. Kathy
  13. I love you. I don't care who reads this, what they think or say. Never have, never will. Kathy
  14. When you're in you're in. Betray, lie, be disloyal or unfaithful and you are out faster than you can say, "I was wrong and never should had done it and will regret all of it for the rest of my life."
  15. What's the deal with him dyin'? Sorry, I just don't get that... it's about the "drama" and his performance, right? Shouldn't Gerry be doing the part he wants to do? I was sorta into his being an attorney too... snap, crackle, pop legalese spewing from his mouth! But if the bad guy is a stretch, and that's what he wants... to do something different... unless he taking the part to appease Foxx, which I doubt... I'm cool with it. This is a quote from email I agree with... I hadn't considered this angle. Like I said, this sudden role switch could have been the straw that broke the camel's b
  16. I'm kinda not liking his going for another bad guy role... but figure it's his career and there must be something extraordinary in the character Gerry wants to bring out, either in himself, as it's a thriller and psychological in nature, so I'm behind him. As for Darabont's taste not fitting yours, that's honest, but what don't you like? I sense he's a man with a message. The Green Mile especially was excellent. I say give the mouse an Oscar. He was overlooked much like the robin in Gladiator! Slim Chance
  17. Yes, I read exactly the same thing in the Variety article, PJ. If it is correct, then it is EXCELLENT news. This may turn into the role of his career if he is allowed to bring out his as-yet untapped psycho-ability out. An informed choice with the new director too. Things are looking up. Start date now? It's supposed to start filming in December now. I was so looking forward to seeing Gerry in suits and clean-shaven! No disrespect but his "untapped psycho-ability" is "out"! Kidding of course. He's a mad man you know... secretly that is. Kidding again OF COURSE. Anyway... Ever wonder
  18. I doubt it's "lost". It holds a lot of sentimental value, not just romantic but symbolic. Personally, I believe it was a barrier to a better life (not just romantic). It appears since he's shed it things have progressed nicely. SlimChance
  19. I hope it's a mis-print, an error about the switched roles. I know Gerry's an attorney (in RL) but his being a good guy who solves the issue would be a nice switch; his playing a bad guy not so in a been there done that kinda way. I'd love some courtroom drama with the dude in some "Ah the suits" or however he said in Vogue. Imagine him havin' to clean up daily for shoot! Besides if K Z-J gets the part he'd want to.
  20. Dude has that All-American look to me. Could be on his way to the gym after meetin' up with Alan? The looks on his face seems to be in work mode to me. All business... iPOD or not. Wonder what he's listenin' to? I'm curious what sign Alan is? They have a close personal as well as professional long-term relationship, could be interesting to know other than loyalty, profit, consistency, honesty, trust and respect, all of which is the major glue, what it is that makes the relationship work so well? SlimChance
  21. Maybe it's just me but I haven't see that ring for ages. I think he's moved past the need (for whatever reason that was) to constantly wear it. We've seen several rings in the past year. The sterling skull ring one holds my interest. SlimChance
  22. I'm totally on-board with this! It's too bad to loose the other guy (so close to start-up) as he'd helped write the screenplay and all, but since everything happens for a reason. My guess ending badly means it's best it not move forward if everyone (especially the one at the helm, the director) wasn't happy (for whatever reasons) because it's a group effort filming. Here's to change! It's about the journey, SlimChance
  23. Good to see reviews still coming in! I cannot believe the sofa singing scene was ripped from the DVD! What was up with that? I do.not.get.it. Never will. Why put in the movie, where the movie is successful then strip it from the DVD? HollyWEIRD just got weirder. SlimChance
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