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  1. How much food will the $160 cover? I need to know so I know how many meals to plan for on my(gotta keep working on myVegas for loyalty points for free food).
  2. I just sent 1/2 payment each for Kelley and I
  3. If I get my debit card on Wednesday as promised by the bank, I'll be paying next week
  4. Kelley and I will be paid up by the middle of April.
  5. Kelley and I and our roomie are arriving Thursday and leaving Monday as well. When it gets closer, we can plan some stuff to do that Sunday. We're staying at the Excalibur cuz it's cheap. Super excited to finally meet everyone after all this time.
  6. My bath and body gift basket was going to fall in the $20 range. I can make one or two...I can either send it to Susan or to my roommate who will be driving to Vegas.
  7. I like the charity aspect to the convention. I would've been there this year if my family hadn't been busy moving from Oklahoma to Tennessee. I'd much rather give my time to a service event instead of losing money in a casino. I really like Swannie's idea of having different package amounts depending on what events you want to attend. JMO...I'll be there next year!
  8. I took note of the suggestion and fixed the post. Thanks for the suggestion. My friend and I have finished the 4th draft and are still looking for people to read our screenplay and provide feedback. My co-writer is going to be here in 3 weeks so we can do some serious work on it while together instead of through chat or phone. So like I said above, PM me here with your email address to get it sent to you with some questions...Thanks for your input and with some luck and more work, the screenplay will make it to the big screen with Mr. Butler playing the lead role. Does a steamy(literally and
  9. Sounds intriguing....He still needs to find time to read my political thriller screenplay which is still a work in progress. It's based on my friend Karen's book and she wrote the lead character just for him...Daniel Callahan....a recovering alcoholic tabloid journalist. He was fired from the Washington post because the corrupt speaker of the House didn't like the articles about him. How can Gerry film two movies at once...Thunder Run and this new one?
  10. As I posted a couple months ago, my friend Karen and I are working on a screenplay adaptation of her book "Capitol Punishment". We just finished the second draft and would appreciate some constructive criticism of what we have so far. Here's a description of her book as listed on Amazon($10.06 - Paperback, $5 - Kindle): "A sometimes funny, sometimes frightening and frequently "too close to home" look at how far people will go to clean the Congressional House. And the Senate. Geneticist Samantha Mallard has lived her life in a lab, separated from the world, sequestered in her shell and afraid
  11. Gerry's way too skinny. I hope his momma gets some weight on him while he's home.
  12. Sofia is an actress on an American comedy called "Modern Family".
  13. Aren't they announced at an ungodly hour of the morning? Poor Gerry...LOL Maybe since they're having him announce the nominees, he is a nominee?
  14. While I love how sexy Gerry looked, it's the wrong image to give out concerning what the movie is about. Don't show Gerry surrounded by women but something focusing on connecting with his son. Just my two cents.
  15. Great interview...I just love Gerry....He loves the people he works with and they clamor to get him as part of their film. I also love Gerry's intelligence which is one of his best qualities...Nothing sexier than a man with working brain cells.
  16. That's what I call a "boob-crushing hug"....LOL...What I wouldn't give for one of those hugs....
  17. Gerry in 3D! 300 should've been done in 3D so we could feel like his naked body was right there waiting to be....massaged.
  18. I'm guessing that a Direct TV box is similar to a dvr box from my cable company. I plugged a set of the AV cables(the yellow,white and red ones from the back of the video box(AV output) into the input on the dvd recorder and then another set of cables from the output on dvd recorder into the input on back of tv set....Since I'm not there to help, that's my best advice.
  19. Delene you have quite the creative imagination....
  20. I'd love to see Gerry on Grey's Anatomy....maybe a quick fling with Meredith or something...Just no story like when JDM(Denny Duquette) was on and died. I couldn't handle Gerry being a patient and dying. I'd love to see Gerry on DWTS....can you imagine all the female pros fighting to be his partner.
  21. I thought about going next year but then decided to go to LA instead for the Playing the Field premiere...higher chance of meeting Gerry and I haven't been to LA before.
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