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  1. Happy birthday xx

  2. I agree trying to explain my fascination with Gerry is really hard to get across it just means i get to watch others reaction when they do discover what a wonderful actor he is The reaction is always the same "I had know idea" then i get to say "I told you so!"
  3. As Ben sang people opened their cabin doors curious to find out where the music was coming from. When the song was over she just looked at him trying really hard to stay mad. As people clapped Lizzy opened the door a bit wider so Ben could step inside. “What do you want Ben? Is it forgiveness because yes I forgive you now would you please leave me alone.” Once again Ben had taken Lizzy’s breath away. She couldn’t help but feel something for the man standing before her. “I don’t want forgiveness. I should have told you about Amy without leading you on. It was wrong and I realize it was all my fault. I called her back and told her not to bother showing up. I told it was over I have someone with more heart then she had. What I want is to be with you. I want to help your mother if I can and I want to forget Amy and her mother.” Ben grabbed Lizzy by the hand “Please Lizzy let me help let me prove to you that I’m really and truly sorry” A thousand thoughts and feeling ran through Lizzy mind before she had a chance to sort them out the boat rock and she found herself in Ben arms. And before she knew it his mouth was on hers and they were kissing. Pulling away she spoke “Alright Ben I will see if you can redeam yourself I will see you when we dock. Now will you please leave so I can finish packing?” Ben was thrilled Lizzy had forgave him and was willing to give it another shot. Now he had finish packing and call up Will make sure he was ready to go through Lizzy’s mother’s case there had to be something the other doctors missed it couldn’t be just post traumatic syndrome there had to be underling condition and Ben was determined to find it. “Alright I will bid you goodnight and see you soon, Shall we go see your mother together when we dock?” “Will talk about it tomorrow Ben Goodnight.” Lizzy kissed Ben just a light peck on the lips but she was sure she could fill the warmth of those lips right down to her toes.
  4. Canadian here too Manitoba to more specific Winterpeg born and bred
  5. 300 is one awesome movie but i think Dear Frankie will always be my favorite Gerry role It hit all the right places with me and he was just so breath taking in it Phantom made me love the man behind the roles and Drac will always be my fav character But Dear Frankie is by far my favorite Gerry role and he didn't even have a name in it
  6. Lizzy lye in her room reading one of the novels she had bought when they had docked. There was no way she was going to let a little love affair gone bad ruin what she had left of this cruise. Suddenly there was another knock on her door. If it was more flowers from Ben she would march them right back to him and through them in his face, never had she been more humiliated. But it wasn’t flowers when she opened the door it was Ben and he was holding a guitar. “What do you want? I told you to go away Ben.” “Before you close the door please listen to me.” To Lizzy astonishment Ben raised the guitar and started playing. He played wonderfully and his voice was breath taking. Ben had found the sheet music for a very good song and had been working at it all day. The song ‘I’m Sorry’ by Buck Cherry. He hadn’t played since college so he hoped it was good enough to convince Lizzy that he was truly sorry for not telling her about Amy.
  7. I finally went to see 300 today Being the only one around me who showed any interest in it at all i went alone I really think i should go to the movies more often alone nobody was there to laugh at me when i came out in tears It was a totally amazing experience Everything about it spoke to me at so many levels The battle scenes were exceptional The dialog witty and strong The acting wonderful(of course) I felt the strength of each character radiate off the screen
  8. “Thank you. Very much.” She handed the guy at the door twenty bucks just for hauling the flowers to her suite. She closed the door looked once more at the flowers and card. She placed both the card and flowers in the corner of her room, She was not going to let him get off that easy. She couldn’t even believe he had the nerve to send them. Ben was sure the gifts he had sent Lizzy had gotten to her but what he couldn’t understand was why she hadn’t called. He would have to come up with something else. He had an idea, this would have to work. He didn’t know what else to do. Before he put plan B in effect he would have to call Amy and break it off with her. There was no longer denying the fact he just didn’t love her Lizzy was who he wanted to be with more then life.
  9. So sorry for the wait Two more months of school and i will be done So here is more of my story Lizzy couldn't believe what a fool she had been. To think that all this time he had a woman waiting for him at home. She had put so faith in a man she hardly knew. It would be the last time she would let any man get close to her again. Two days and she would be home with her mother and everything would be back to normal. Ben was beside himself how was ever going to make this up to Lizzy. He never meant to hurt her , God knows he was beginning to fall in love with her. He had to have her in life. Two days to make it right before they get home. He would start with flowers the ship florist would have just what he needed to apologize the right way. Lizzy began to pack her things and prepare herself for the dreadful hospital visit that could only end badly for her and her mom. There was a knock on her cabin door, wondering what could be so important to call on her at ten at night she slowing opened the door. “Excuse me Miss. Are you by any chance Lizzy Bellows?” The flowers were beautiful and they were talking to. Lizzy smiled. “Yes I’m Lizzy. Please just put them right there they must be so heavy.” The delivery boy did as was told and placed them just inside the door. “Miss Lizzy this card was also sent.” He handed Lizzy a card almost as tall as the flowers. The front cover of the card read “A Great Big Apology”
  10. Harry Potter for me but Stephen King's Dark Tower series comes in a very close second
  11. Well i must say i've been a bit overwelmed when logging onto the site as of late Want to welcome all the new members What to thank everyone for their terrific stories of Vegas So sorry i wasn't there Been very busy with school as of late rebecca
  12. My Mom and i decided on my baby's name We picked Kaitlyn A good strong Irish name We call her Kate or Katie for short and if she wants she can be Kat so many ways to say a name Her middle names (joan Lynorre) came from her grandmothers And since her dad wasn't around he had no say Rebecca
  13. I was horrified when i read all accounts in this thread I have never been stalked But I have been in really awful situations when i have been referred to as or very close to being one I deny it all for I have never gone running to find Gerry or anyone else for that matter I do however write and tell them how much I appreciate their work and how its touch my life What hurts most it that it usually comes from my family My brother looks at me funny every time I buy a movie containing a certain actor we all love (my collection is almost complete) I am A single Mom with not a big social life now maybe that is my fault but I feel safer and happier at Home watching movies and taking care of my little one Then I do out there in this big bad world for you all Rebecca
  14. It was a both wonderful and sad video I hate to say it but he didn't seem at all pleased Although he looked mighty fine in that video Got to love the car :wideeyes:
  15. Nope Don't believe in 666 Do think others do and will go nuts Wasn't worried about Y2K either even i get a little nuts when there is a full moon I think i heard somewhere it has to do with water I like most people live one day to the next Not big on religion but do believe in a higher power Not really sure if he is ready to let it end Beside with all the scary stuff out there we will be killing each other off before End of Days Rebecca
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