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  1. EXCELLENT MOVIE!! I didn't any follow press about it, just the previews and am so glad about that. Jen and Gerry were funny, athletic, and adorable together. It looks like it was a ton of fun to make, and that came through both of them. I was expecting a funny romantic comedy and watched an action packed, fun, great story-line comedy-drama. Gerry and Jen should become the new Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks duo. Great chemistry - wonderful - love them both!! Adorable and Charming movie!!! It was his best comedy yet!!!!
  2. I am so proud of all their wonderful generosity, and especially of our Gerry. God bless him for always being at the helm with his wallet open. His heart is huge. He is storing up treasures in heaven where wind and rain cannot destroy and where theives cannot break in and steal. - The Holy Bible
  3. Mebbe so Susan, but I'm not married and I am a chubby 50-something woman.
  4. What a great interview and an exactly great interviewer. It sounds like the two of them had a wonderful repore.
  5. Adoring

    Dr. Batista

    Now THIS is some great information. Thank you.
  6. Being a celebrity would be a real pain in the pattutti. Gerry handled it well even though he was annoyed.
  7. I hope with all of my strength that Keira Knightley does NOT get cast as Claire in this movie. As Geleis (or however you spell her name) - yes! Gerry as Jamie - I will see this forever!!
  8. All I can say is that there is no way they can compact OUTLANDER into a 2-2.5 hour movie without leaving out 60% of the story.
  9. Well said. If they are dating, I hope they're having a tremendous time. Gerry can certainly make Jen laugh. I suspect she could seriously use a dose of our lovable, fun, sweet guy. Jen Aniston is a talented and lovely woman. I would love to see this classy lady settle down with a man who will take what she has to offer and love her with everything in his soul. Then again, I'd love to see the same for Gerry.
  10. Adoring


    It's fabulous and it looks like a photo - what incredible detail.
  11. Absolutely. I've never been married, and since I am 50, if I were to do it at this stage of my very set-in-my-ways life, the ONLY reason I would marry is for money - but only if there were a massive amount of it and I could use it for shopping.
  12. What? The original Mr. Garulous at a loss for words? Not a chance. Now tongue-tied perhaps....
  13. I'm from north-central Connecticut, one town from the southern border of Massachusetts. We had a very active Connecticut fan gang but it fizzled out. The last time we get together now as fans was to see P.S. I Love You, down in Fairfield County. We frequently do the New York City gatherings, which are always great times. My BF lives in Millersville PA which is very close to Bethy. I get down to see her about once a year. Right now, though, I am waaay overdue. She doesn't know about my fan site involvement, and she would not approve anyway. It's not worth the effort it would take to ta
  14. Count me in, and no, your hubbie shouldn't mind. Fly back home every 3 months, spend a week cooking and freezing 3 months worth of his favorite meals, and you should be all set!
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