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  1. 12 Colors of Reign of Fire PRETEND THESE COLORS ARE IN A CRAYOLA BOX Remember the DESCRIPTOR GOES FIRST, COLOR GOES LAST IE: SKY BLUE, GRAPE PURPLE, APPLE RED 1) Dragon Drake Black 2) Flames Red 3) Ash Gray 4) Dragon Claw White 5) Creedy's Coat Gray 6) Dragon Scale Green 7) Crops Green 8) Dragon's Egg Red 9) American tanks Green 10) Skyscraper Ruins Gray 11 )Helicopter Black 12)
  2. I do, but can't get anyone to go with me Have you ever eaten swordfish?
  3. ABCs of Things We COULD NOT Live Without A) Aerosol Bathroom deodorizer B) Bug spray C) Cake D) Deodorant E) Elastic waist pants F) Family and friends G) GALS H)
  4. ABCs of Television Shows or Characters A) Adam-12 B) Bob Newhart Show, The C) Columbo D) Dancing With The Stars E) Emergency! F) F-Troop G) Green Acres H) Hill Street Blues I) I Spy J) Jeopardy K) Kojak L) Life of Riley M) My Three Sons N) Nurse Jackie O) Outer Limits (The) P) Petticoat Junction Q) Quantum Leap R) Rifleman (The) S)
  5. ABCs of Movie Characters (Does NOT have to be a Gerry Movie) Please name movie A) Alexander The Great (Alexander) B) Bernard (The Santa Clause) C) Charlie (The Santa Clause) D) Don Lockwood (Singin' in the Rain) E) Eban (Portrait of Jenny) F)
  6. ABCs of things we COULD live without A) Allergic reactions B) Bug bites C) Closed lanes on road during rush hour D) Dirty shower stalls E) Early morning appointments F) Fruit flies G) Gouged prices H) High gas prices I) Illness J) Jello Shots K)
  7. L 1. Song......Lemon Tree 2. Famous Person....... 3. Household Item...... 4. City........Liverpool 5. Movie.......London Has Fallen 6. Plant or Flower....... 7. Food Item........ 8. Mood.........Lazy 9. Something Sweet........Lemon Meringue Pie 10. Something You Would Like........
  8. Comedy Captain America VS Thor
  9. 20 Song Titles Starting with F Name artist, please 1) For the Good Times (Ray Price) 2) Faithfully (Journey) 3) Fortunate Son (Creedence Clearwater Revival) 4) Fanny (Be Tender With My Love) (The Bee Gees) 5) Folsom Prison Blues (Johnny Cash) 6) From Me To You (The Beatles) 7) Frosty The Snowman (Burl Ives) 8) Fixing a Hole (The Beatles) 9) Fairytale of New York (The Pogues) 10)
  10. 13 Favorite Vacation Destinations 1) Scotland 2) Las Vegas 3) Carmel By The Sea, California 4)
  11. Looks like the weatherman shut off the rain faucet. Back to watering lawn
  12. Snog, but gently due to both our ages! Mark Strong
  13. ABCs of Books You've Read or Would Like to Read - Please include author A) All The Pretty Horses (Cormac McCarthy) B) Brooklyn (Colm Toibin) C) Come Back, Little Sheba (William Inge) D) Dance With the Devil (Sherrilyn Kenyon) E) Ender's Game (Orson Scott Card) F)
  14. It's a Living A) Apple polisher for King Leonidas B) Bike mechanic for Sam Childers C) Chain cleaner for Big Nick D) Delivery person for Clyde Shelton E) Environmental Air Quality Inspector for the Lair F) Feather Boa maker for Carlotta G) George Dryer's vacuum cleaner repairman. H) Holly Kennedy's cleaning lady I) Irish whiskey provider for Holly Kennedy J) Johnnie Donne's AA Coach K) Killer Wardrobe Designer for the Opera Populaire L)
  15. ABCs of Action/Adventure or Disaster Movies A) Armageddon B) Blue Thunder C) Congo D) Deep Impact E) Escape From New York F) Flight of the Phoenix G) Greenland H) Hatari! I) Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom J) Jurassic Park K) Kill Bill L) Logan's Run M)
  16. ABCs of Greenland A) Allison Garrity B) Bad guys in Bronco C) Countdown to global disaster D) Dale (father-in-law) E) Evacuations F) Fires caused by falling meteorites G) Generalized panic H) Hysterical neighbors I) Increasing chaos on streets J) Jet transport planes K) Killer comet L) Limited Seats on Planes M) Meteor showers N) Nathan Garrity O) Orange sky P) Police roadblock Q) Quarreling neighbors R) Rowdy CVS looters S)
  17. Sure do, very nice ones too TGBM is finally having a leaky faucet repaired
  18. ABC Name Game A) Adso B) Bellatrix C) Caesar D) Dumbo E) Eloy F) Fritz G) Gertrude H) Honoria I) Iago J) Junipero K) Kristen L) Laslow M) Murgatroyd N) Nostromo O) Oswald P) Poindexter Q) Quark R) Rudolph S)
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