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  1. I loved his interaction with the kids in Reign of Fire. Charming is more how I'd describe him there rather than cute.
  2. Of the poll options, I chose Harry Potter. Haven't read Outlander. While I love the LOTR movies, I can't say that I particularly enjoy a book that takes 3 yrs to read because it's so wordy. It took me a whole year to read Fellowship of the Ring and I do not have that problem with most other books. I also adore the Three Sisters Island trilogy by Nora Roberts
  3. I can't wait to see this movie. I have difficulty picturing Gerry as the whiny type when it comes to his roles (joking around with a cameraman between takes or at a press conference is different), and I get the feeling that some viewers might wish that he was, due to where their loyalty lies. And while I can't even begin to imagine what that must be like to have your kid taken from you, I think he'll show a wide range of emotions, mostly stress and anger. From what I saw in the behind the scenes clips, he does not portray a whiny man at all, more fiesty and pissed off if anything.
  4. They're all beautiful. But if I had to choose, I'd go with #1.
  5. Love the cake! How could you stand to cut it? Cute outfit!
  6. I've followed various celebs since I was little, some with more interest than others. I honestly have to say that Gerry's fans are very special and unique. I've seen how alot of fan communities operate that are truly scary and GALS is the polar opposite. I have never seen a more sincere lovely group of fans who truly respects anyone like they do with Gerry. The way that the fan groups are that I've seen in the past, is that the celeb in question is a demi-god who has no faults whatsoever and if a fan says a single bad thing about the actor's bad habits, whatever those may be, or they don't agree with something the actor says or does, or whatever, then every single one of the other fans are on them like a pack of rabid wolves about how 'you're not really a fan and you're a disgrace to the 'true' fans since you don't think his s**t doesn't stink' and then banned from the community for good over a single comment that the masses don't like because it makes the celeb into a human instead of a divinity. I've never understood that type of behavior. The difference with Gerry and his fans is that everyone completely respects each other and their differences of opinion as long as no one steps out of line. Everyone including Gerry knows and accepts that he has faults. I have to say I like him better because of that.
  7. May, I agree with your last statement there. When I first saw Attila and was listening to the narrator at the end paraphrase that Ildico inadvertently changed the course of history by causing the chaos known as the Dark Ages which pretty much made everything and everyone devolve backwards instead of evolving forward, I got to thinking about how different the world would be had he lived. The world as we know it now, I seriously doubt we would be experiencing anything like that. The history books would be much different. People would likely be more tolerant of others in all areas. There wouldn't be any (or near as many) religious wars as there have been. I just got the feeling that, while I'm generally content to a degree with the modern world as we know it even though there are things I don't like, the world that Attila created was how things were meant to be or very near there. And Ildico went and destroyed that when she killed him, all to avenge her father and her selfish desires in the end. But I don't think she or anyone realized the domino effect she created until it was too late to do anything about it.
  8. Here here!And in general, women tend to put an emotional connection on sex where guys don't. So that's entirely possible that it would have clouded her vision otherwise.
  9. I love him any way he comes. :: He's good enough to eat either way. Most guys look horrid IMO anyway with facial hair, but he is one of the rare few who knows how to work it.
  10. I completely agree she was a stupid silly girl with going for the kill before getting any. Don't most black widows, human or otherwise, go in for the sex first and then kill off the guy? You'd have to be blind or stupid or both to turn him down like that. My guess is that Ildico hated him so much that she couldn't bring herself to "defile" herself by having him take her physically. I honestly felt she was playacting the entire time and didn't love him at all. I've known people who ooze on the charm to the point of being totally believeable even to the trained eye, even though inside they have the blackest heart and there isn't a single ounce of humanity in them, if there ever was to begin with. Very few are actually able to see through that, but there is no convincing anyone of the truth until it's too late, if even then. That's how I saw her. Her plan is to kill him when he's least expecting without creating a riot or drawing attention to herself and what better way to infiltrate his kingdom and do that than to totally con him into thinking she loves him with her entire being? Otherwise it would be near impossible to get in close enough to him to do her dirty work without getting caught, or so she thought.
  11. I agree with Lady Elissa. If we're talking Gerry's Attila (the real-life Attila was in the looks dept), I could join his harem. I completely agree that back then women had absolutely no rights so you didn't really have much choice. I'm sure that in private he would do everything to make you feel special. But what do you do with yourself the rest of the time that you don't get to spend in his company and bed? However I tend to get jealous so that could cause problems, but I'm usually good. I'd like to think I'm not near as bad as Ildico. But then I've never been in her shoes, like when he was drunk on their wedding night and he accidentally called out a wrong name, which with that many wives is inevitable. But in her case, she had the misfortune of being his first love's doppleganger. It would take a strong woman to overlook something like that no matter how much she had grown to love him. In this day and age, you make the guy sleep on the couch but back then that wasn't an option. There's also the comment that Attila made to Orestes in the bathhouse that they *did* get jealous of each other when he was asked which wife to bring in to test the new bath. Which doesn't surprise me in the least. Would I want to live like that? Not really but I'm sure we could work something out and make the best of it. At the same time I have to wonder if being part of his harem would just be for the sex or does he really love you in addition to everyone else? In the film, I didn't feel that he honestly loved any of his wives other than N'Kara and Ildico, and the latter possibly only becasue she looked like the former, but being a guy couldn't differentiate that.
  12. Sirena

    Pudge VS Stud

    I'll take him anyhow anywhere. I'm not into the super buff look where you could probably bounce a coin on a guy's belly. But Gerry, it's all good. I'm not picky.
  13. Lady Trueword, I adore your sig. Too funny and so true. i agree with Attila Girl. I'm not participating in any weight poll.
  14. Amazing artistic talents there and a bit freaky at the same time. Wasn't expecting him to do that. Being that beautiful should be a crime.
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