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  1. If you missed the live streaming to the WHCD, below is a link to the different videos that C-Span has: the whole hour and 1/2 of the speeches at the White House Correspondents Dinner, 45 minutes of red carpet arrivals to the dinner, and 30 minutes of arrivals and speeches at the brunch. C-Span video If you just want to just see Gerry here are the approximate minute marks on the video that you can catch him. Gerry is wearing black like 95% of the room but he is sitting with Newt Grenwich who has white hair and Newt's wife who is blond and wearing a red dress. Instead of pushing the tab u
  2. If you missed Gerry on Hardball here is the link to watch the segment. http://www.nbcnews.com/id/3036697/ns/msnbc-hardball_with_chris_matthews/vp/51154128#51154128 Sheila
  3. If you have SiriusXM. They replay the Howard Stern show again back to back all day. You can also listen online (30 day free trail) if you don't have SiriusXM. Sheila
  4. I watched the Chasing Mavericks DVD with the commentary by two of the producers and one of the directors. They mentioned Gerry at least a dozen times and said some interesting things about him. They repeated something a couple of times that really surprised me since I had never heard anyone mention this. I won't spoil it and tell you want they said but I think it's worth watching. Sheila
  5. The movie must be testing well if they are opening it at midnight in so many cities. I actually got to go to an advanced screening tonight. I can't wait until it opens so we can talk about the movie.
  6. According to tvguide.com Gerry is supposed to be on First Take on ESPN2 on Wednesday Oct 24th at 10am ET and noon ET. In case you miss the interview, here is the link to their webpage which usually has videos and podcasts. First Take on ESPN2
  7. Here is the rest of the article from the above link: Psychologies: a name given in the Russian hire your new movie - "The man snapped," - seems to fit your image in the cinema and in the public consciousness. Underlined manhood, masculinity - how this "trademark" corresponds to the real you? Gerard Butler: Secrets Trademarks not disclosed! But if you ask serious ... That answer would still sound hollow. The fact is that we have in Scotland, I am quite an ordinary person is the average Scot. So that he was amazed that in America in this very masculine, I supposedly inherent, people see the
  8. Below is a link to the translated article. It's google's translation of the article so the wording is a little awkward but you can still understand what he said. I bustedout laughing when I read the caption under the picture of him from Playing theField that was in this article. In someforeign countries, for various reasons they have to change the name of the movie … well …. 6 December romantic comedy "Men like hotcakes" Translation of interview <-right click link, "open link in new Tab"or "open link in new Window"
  9. According to moviefone several theatres in Dallas are showing Chasing Mavericks at 12:01am on Friday Oct 26th. I can't believe it. Is anyone else going to an early showing?
  10. My favorite part was when he put on the lab coat and had the collar flipped up and then he started laughing. He's so funny.
  11. Coriolanus finally came to Dallas Texas. I saw it today. It's ok, not great. Gerry speaking Shakesphere is so cute. There's also a short scene with Gerry shaving Ralph Fiennes head with electric shears. I giggled at that although it's not meant to be a funny scene. The biggest problem is the head held camera technique which can make some people, including me, nauseous. I thought I would never watch this movie again because of this, however, there are a lot of closeups of Gerry that are so tight you swear that you can feel his breath on you. He looks really good in every scene. Th
  12. What a great find. I love it that Gerry is aware that there is confusion over who he played in the stage play.
  13. MGP is showing at a discount theatre in Dallas Texas also. I was surprised since it didn't play that long in the regular theatres. This is probably the last week in Dallas since they are down to two showings a day. I'm going to see it again this weekend.
  14. If you would like to see how much money MGP is making at the box office and where it ranks against other current releases you can go to... Box Office totals I don't understand why movies that have the same or lower budget than MGP, i.e. "I don't know how she does it" and "What's your number," are advertised all over the place but I have yet to see any kind of advertisement for MGP. I'm afraid the movie theates will give up on it. I saw it again this past weekend on a Saturday night and there were only 15 people in the theatre.
  15. Wow, I'm a newbie so I have never seen Gerry on the big screen. But on Sept 30th I will get to see him in Machine Gun Preacher in the afternoon and then Coriolanus that night. Hmmmmmm... is that too much Gerry to handle in one day???
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