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  1. Hi Ladies, Just wanted to post a list of who I have so far so you know that I have received your pm's or emails with your information. Bea lugerry Cleobethra Songbird Bermos Framolamdu Ladyelissa Midnightdiva Redroseblackribbon Texasgramma Stagewomanjen Libby Val Irish Rezzrn Susan_Sporran Dori Jenny. Stacie cybrsal knight phantom swansong Ilisten I have pm'd you if I need a photo. I do have a couple of favors to ask - when answering the questions please try to keep them brief. I have a limited amount of space if I am leaving a spot for you
  2. Hi Ladies, Just wanted to post a list of who I have so far so you know that I have received your pm's or emails with your information. Bea LuGerry Cleobethra Songbird Bermos Framolamdu Ladyelissa Midnightdiva Redroseblackribbon Texasgramma Stagewomanjen Libby Val Irish Rezzrn Susan_Sporran Dori Jenny. Stacie As I get more emails and Pm's I will update this list. Thank you Miklyn
  3. Thank you ladies....I got your pm's and I will get working on your pages. If I have any questions I will pm you.
  4. Hi ladies! I have only had a couple of people send me their information. As you can imagine this is going to be a big project for me. If you have paid for Vegas and you know you are going if you could please send me your information. If I have to build over 200 pages at once that will be an overwelming task. I am reposting the questions. IF you have any questions please contact me. I have a lot of the pages designed out I just need your help with sending me your information. I can pull photos from the fan section of the site so don't worry about that for the filler pages. IF there is a spec
  5. Absolutely, Welcome to the boards. You will have a lot of fun here. Also we occasionally have little get togethers with our bunch of Gals. When ever we plan one you will see the information here and you are more than welcome to join us if you would like to. That is how I got to know everyone in this group. Can't wait to get to know you better. Miklyn
  6. I hope everyone had a great New Year! I figured I wouldn't post about this again until the craziness of the Holidays was over. For those that are going to Vegas here is the post with all the questions that need to be answered for the yearbook. If you have any questions just post and I will answer them for you. Miklyn
  7. I'm here. Between Christmas shopping, working on getting parties for next year and my day job I am just running around like crazy. When I get home I just seem to veg in front of the tv. LOL I can't wait for Friday and the weekend. We are closed Christmas eve and day so it will be a four day weekend. Well I am off to work. I'll check in later.
  8. I just found out my mom will be coming in on Saturday now so it will be just me on Friday. I can't wait. I can't believe it is only one more week. I am so excited.
  9. Either night would work for me. My mom may be in town so she may be coming with me. She wants to see the movie too.
  10. I will write more later...so I won't be late for work, but I wanted to say this weekend was amazing. I had so much fun with everyone. I am so sorry we could not stay around to say goodbye yesterday after Phantom. We we racing to get Stacy to the airport. The line was crazy to pay at the garage and use the elevator. We had to pretty much run up to where my car was, but we got her there on time. I hope everyone had fun at dinner... can't wait to hear the stories. Miklyn
  11. Hi everyone....I know I have been MIA...it really hasn't been my fault LOL LOL I am so tired after work and after being on the computer all day....I don't always feel like coming back on mine. I really am enjoying the new job. Trixie helped me with my website and I really like how it looks. I will post a link so you can take a look if you want. Keep in mind it does change a little bit depending on your browser....I am working on figuring out how to fix that. It is Sentiments and Keepsakes Website I have also been working on my Surprise Parties specials and getting my x-mas cards ready to
  12. Yes, location would be good too. Thank you for reminding me.
  13. I will be doing an in memory page for Dee and I would love for those that knew her to share little stories about her. I will take little sayings or quotes off of this thread and put them on her page. For those that didn't get a chance to know her maybe this would help. Also if anyone could help fill out her questions - answers that would be great. Marital Status? Age? Children? Grandchildren? Zodiac sign? Personal Motto? How did she find Gerry? Did she have a favorite Gerry photo or look? Thank you Hugs!!! Miklyn
  14. I have already started to get some submissions and I am really excited. I did forget to mention in my earlier post.....Please remember to give me your Real Name also. I need to be able to say screen name aka real name or would you rather it be real name aka screen name? Also I am creating a thread for Dee. I will be doing an in memory page for her. Please visit that thread as I will be going to it to fill out her page. Thank you
  15. Ok, Ladies for those that are ready to get started..... Just a quick reminder....if you send me your information and then do not finalize your registration....it will NOT be going into the book. I am creating the templates this weekend..since I am a little under the weather and not planning on going out. LOL I liked Dr. Em's Questions so I am going to go with them with a couple of additions. You can Pm me your answers and your photo. If you have a favorite group shot from a previous convention or get together send them too, just please remember to let me know who everyone is in the photo.
  16. Annemarie - I wish I could put everyone on the site in the book, but one it would cost a fortune and two it would be size of a phone book. LOL LOL We are floating around a couple of ideas, but I will share this, If I have any extra after the convention I will let everyone know and then how much they would be. Once I figure out cost the price I post will include shipping it to you. Pat - that is a great question....I know I always have a list of people I want to see and then I end up leaving and saying to Trixie I forgot to see her and her and her. I think I am starting to come down with
  17. YES!!!! YOU WILL HAVE THEM IN YOUR HOT LITTLE HANDS IN VEGAS LADIES!!!!! :ohbaby2: Once I get an idea of what everyone would like to know I will create a Q&A for those attending. I will need a photo from you too. Yes there will be a spot at the bottom of every page for your personal information if you like to share it. That is completely voluntary .....and yes room for signatures too. At anytime you can submit fun photos from past conventions or get togethers you might like to see in the yearbook. I am an organized freak LOL LOL so I will be creating folder on my computer for ph
  18. Dr Em Thank you for the poll. That is great. I love the ideas. I will want a picture from everyone so we all know who is who. To have some fun photos to put in between at points like a yearbook would be a great idea and addition. If you send me the photos I can also work with them since I know how to do photoshop and things like that, so if you don't that is fine. Keep up the great ideas.
  19. Hello ladies, Sorry I have been MIA lately. Between work and the party this weekend I was just exhausted. I did get to spend some time with Trixie this weekend which was a lot of fun. I have a call out to all the mom's out there. My niece is expecting her first child in January and is asking for advice on the transition to motherhood. She is also looking for fun stories about a favorite song you might have sung to your children or a favorite story. I would love any suggestions or ideas ya'll might have.
  20. Hello Ladies!!! I am excited to tell you that I will be putting together a Convention yearbook for Vegas. The yearbook will only contain information on those attending the convention. I can't wait to get started on this. I already have a few ideas going through my head. As I am still deciding the layout of the pages and the size of the pages, I would like a little feedback. Here are a couple of questions for you.... 1. Would you like the person to write a little something about themselves? 2. Would you like it to be a little statement and Q & A or just Q & A? 3. Let m
  21. I am going to seriously think about his. I am hoping to be at my goal weight by Vegas and it would be awesome to have some great looking after photos...or I mean the beginning of new fun photos.
  22. I am so excited, I just registered now I just need to get the payment in. I have to talk to my partner in crime LOL and find out how long we will be coming for. I can't wait to see everyone again in Vegas
  23. I had posted that I could help put together a book of attendee's with pictures. I believe Stef had an idea about this and someone had said she might want help.
  24. I finally got to see the trailer and OMG I loved it. It makes you laugh and then want to cry and then laugh again. Ladies bring your kleenex I think this movie is going to kill us. LOL I love that it looks like we will still see him throughout the whole movie. I agree with Susan if anyone sees it as a trailer on the big screen Pleezzzzz share what movie you saw it before. I will go see any movie that will let me see this trailer on the big screen.
  25. Miklyn

    Coming Attractions!

    Hi Gemstone, What kind of information are you looking for about the convention? As of right now all we know is it is in Las Vegas and it is going to be Vintage Hollywood theme. Are you looking for what we usually do at the conventions? I'll help the best I can with the information you are looking for Hugs Miklyn
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