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    Next Vegas Con

    Susan, If you want to let her know that I am willing to help that would be great. I know it could be a large project. I am here to help
  2. Miklyn

    Next Vegas Con

    I was going to offer to make a small book, since I have a binder machine, that could go in the goodie bags with the photos and names in it. I see Naoma is doing the wall of attendees. I still make the offer if you want something in your bag to look at in the hotel room before you come down to dinner let me know. Naoma if you had something like that planned please let me know. I am not trying to step in on your idea. I love the idea of business cards. This is a great forum....I need to go back and read all 11 pages now. LOL
  3. It saddens me to hear of Dee's passing. I wish I could have gotten a chance to meet her. I found this poem the year my dad passed away. The Broken Chain We little knew that morning, that God was going to call your name. In life we loved you dearly, In death we do the same. It broke our hearts to lose you. You did not go alone. For part of us went with you, The day God called you home. You left us peaceful memories, Your love is still our guide. And though we cannot see you, You are always at our side. Our family chain is broken, And nothing seems the same, Bu
  4. Miklyn

    Coming Attractions!

    I love this idea, I have a couple people in mind....I"m think Maureen O'Hara but I'm not final. I have always loved her and she looked so amazing back then. I am getting the weight off now and if I play my cards right maybe I'll have a "John Wayne" to come with me next year. LOL LOL
  5. Miklyn

    Coming Attractions!

    Oh Dr. Em you have got my attention
  6. It was good. I loved the beginning when he was playing with the little girl saying goodbye. I just thought that was sooo cute. I did not see the complete ending coming. Trixie and I had some of it figured out but not all. The only thing that got frustrating was the quiet talking at times. I can't wait to see it again. I still love him with facial hair,BUT he looked really good all clean shaven
  7. Just bumping this back up since I have had a couple Gift Certificates turned in. I wanted to put this back up in case any of the other winners had missed this posting the first time around.
  8. Hi Everyone. Sorry I have been MIA from here. I have spent a lot of time lurking, between looking for a job and working on my home parties. It has been crazy here. I've also been trying to get out of my little funk I have been in. I just finished sending emails to my customers and decided to post a bulletin for the first time on myspace letting everyone know I have some great specials for the now until Sept 3rd. I wanted to come up with something for all the ladies out there. I know the last few weeks have been spent on the kids getting ready for school so I thought why not do something f
  9. Love the idea for the contest.....going to look for music now.
  10. Just popped over to see how many signatures. Thought I would add an update 1594!!! Signatures!!!
  11. Has anyone heard what the numbers where in Miami? I am just curious. I have been contacting theatre's in Chicago. I have had a couple responses to my emails. Sent responses, waiting to see what they say. I have had one seem receptive...waiting to see what their latestt response will be.
  12. I just posted this comment on gb.net about this. I think we as a group have a lot of power and we can do so much good. Getting Shattered released, raising money for his charities and helping each other. You can hear it in his interviews when he talks about us that he is proud and amazed at what we do. I would hate to see that change and I love hearing him talk like that. This is me personally I would hate to see him at a movie set, I would feel so out of place and like I shouldn't be here. I would much rather meet him in an arranged event or just bump into him. That me. And as one said
  13. I just found out last night that Rocknrolla had a myspace page when she was telling me about the bulletin. so I just emailed her and asked her to send me a copy of it so I can post it. As soon as I get it from her I will. I will get the url for the myspace for you too.
  14. Not sure where to post this so I put it here. We were talking tonight about a bulletin that was sent out on myspace from Rocknrolla. It was reminding people that the movie set is a place of work and that Gerry's part in the movie has wrapped. It started a discussion about are there times that we hurt him at work? I am not saying this to point fingers but to honestly discuss actions as fans. Some do have the opportunity to actually visit his movie sites because they live near there and I honestly think that is great. Has anyone else noticed that this is not the first time that somethi
  15. Mine also came out as the Empress. This was fun
  16. Just a quick reminder when you go to use your gift certificate....remember to use the code in the comment section so you receive your credit and it also let's me know to add little Gerry touches to your order before it ships out. Remember you can pm me with any questions or for a direct link to the website. Miklyn
  17. Hello Ladies, I wanted to just post a quick note to those that received gift certificates in the raffle baskets at the convention. I wanted to just let you know if you want to pm me to find out what specials I have going on for July I can let you know. Also if you have any questions or would like suggestions please don't hesitate to contact me. I look forward to talking to the winners. Miklyn
  18. I'm here....just hanging out tonight. It has been quiet in here lately. I've also been lurking around the gutter later. LOL I'm waiting to find out if I have a party tomorrow night. My hostess is not getting back to me so if I don't hear from her than I will not be going. It is in a questionable part of Chicago so I want to make sure the party is on. Last time I did a party in that area they walked me to my car so nothing would happen to me and the scary part is they told me that. LOL I'm lurking around tonight
  19. If they are shooting the prequel that weekend .... I can guarantee you some people are going to be making some hard decisions....Phantom or the actual Gerry......that would be interesting to see. LOL
  20. Oh if I had a b/f and I showered him with these lovely gifts believe me I would be reaping the rewards of it. I still can't get the image of Gerry out of my mind in the Lupo briefs. That man makes me live in a cold shower. LOL
  21. I love that saying "wet your appetite, but eat at home" I am going to have to remember that. I have to say that I clicked on the stomach shot first and those arms were killing me too. I can't stop looking at those pics and than yesterday we went to the Highland Games in and say some men walking around in Kilts. We are going back today (which is the main day) so there will be more men in kilts an heck of a lot more men. My imagination is out of control right now. If I had a b/f I would so be showering him with gifts.
  22. I see I missed quite a bit today.....great photos of Gerry......Trixie getting preggers from the photos of Gerry......and what choreography where you doing in the room???? j/k I have to work until 3:30 tomorrow.....what time is everyone going to be there tomorrow night? I worked later tonight so I only had to do an hour over tomorrow night. i think the kids are going to love the bands tomorrow.
  23. Miklyn

    2007 Cony Stories!

    I can't wait to hear everyone's stories from this weekend. I would also like to send out a huge "THANK YOU" to everyone that put this together. It was an amazing weekend that I will never forget. The gift bags were great. We couldn't wait to get up to the room and see what was inside. The room was breathtaking Saturday night and I had so much fun seeing everyone's dresses. I know I will forget someone and I am sorry. I meet so many lovely ladies this weekend. I was so nervous about wearing my dress Saturday night and to all the ladies that complimented me I say Thank you and I am going
  24. Hey Linda....I'm going Friday night and all day Saturday. I hope to see you there. It is going to be so much fun.
  25. Those pictures are HAWT!!! :spontaneous: What that man does to me and that scottish spread
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