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  1. Hello my dearie, miss chatting! Holla at 'cha girlie sometime! LYLAS!!!

  2. send me a sign !!


  3. I agree. Since i first saw pictures of Gerry training for this movie, i have thought this will be his HUGE movie. Now that i have seen the trailer it just convinces me further. I can't wait for this movie, and my husband wants to see it too! YIPPEE I must remember to remain calm at the theater.............
  4. :: Hi Gals and Pals. I have'nt posted here in ages. I have missed my nightly unwind with you all....I was reading through all the previous posts and i saw someone mention "teabagging" :funnyabove: Now that's the image i need in my head before i go to bed.......NOT! LMAO Hugs to everyone.
  5. Hi Gals and pals. I hope everyone had a safe and fun 4th. I can safely say i have officially had enough watermelon to do me for the rest of the summer. :licky: Me and the family are still at the lake-i am really getting used to using hubbys laptop-maybe i can come up with a good reason to buy one. :hmm2: The weather here in my lil spot in Missouri was beautiful for the holiday-we had some rain in the morning and it cleared up in time to shoot the fireworks. Now it's about 70 degrees and breezy here. Phanphorlife: My husband is'nt in the military but his job has him traveling extensively. I feel like a single mom sometimes! After the kids go to bed -i get on the puter and..well, do this! :computer: :mopboyjackie: :smile: I'm so glad to have you gals to keep me company! MacWilley and Anna-i'm sending out good vibes to both of you! Susan, givemeabeach, Bethy, Rushandgerryfan, Zanyzombie, Trekkiegoober, Sofie, Becozy, Mousie, Jedisnoopy, Luvphantom, Isabeau, Swan and n.a.w and all the other gals and pals i forget to name take care!!! me and :mopboyterry: are going to bed.
  6. Happy almost 4th of July Gals and Pals. I am at my aunts lake house close to Branson, Missouri. We came up here friday night and will prolly stay until wednesday. I'm already sunburned(again) but the kids are having fun. . What is it with men and fireworks? My husband has spent a small fortune on fireworks. He says it's for the kids. Barb!! Those pics... :wub: phanphorlife I know what you mean! I'm upstairs on my hubbys laptop computer -i must remember to act natural when i go back down. I'm supposed to be buying tickets for a show-not looking at Gerry! :mopboyerik: sassenach,Isabeau,Morgaine,dawn,Swan,Celine,Jenn,Ma Nature,AttilaGirl,luvphanton, Jedisnoopy,bethy,discoveringme,celadon2 and all the other GALS and PALs out there!! I want to wish everyone a safe and fun holiday!!
  7. *slips in* I meant to get here earlier today at the SC and make a luffley long post and try to name as many of you lovely GALS as i could-but darn if i'm not exhausted! I tried to sneak into chat and say howdy but i don't have java.... I have had such a long day..grocery shopping, kid wrangling, dinner making , yard mowing...i may have to go back to work so i can rest! For those seeing Beowulf this weekend. *so jealous* remember those of us who only have our pre-ordered copy of the movie to look forward too... *plays violin* have great weekend ladies, stay out of trouble. (ok a lil trouble is ok, LOL) Good night ladies...me and Attila need our rest :greatking: :gerryholic:
  8. Hello GALS. Wanted to pop my head in and say howdy doo before i go to bed. I played in the pool with the kids to long today and got a wee bit sunburned. Where's gerry with that lotion to soothe me? :greatking: There he is!! i knew he would help heal me....*pant pant* LadyELissa~Pilates? I'm impressed! I should be exercising. Does runninig to the video store to check for Gerry movies on sale count as exercise? Cuz if it does-i'm in tip top shape! My neice does a pilates class twice a week and she also does Tai bo (sp.?) I guess i should tag along sometime. I'm just sooooo lazy. :computer: jedisnooopy~ I have always wanted to go see that! I find that stuff fascinating. greyeyedgoddess,sassenach,zanyzombie,discoveringme,cleobethra,suz,adoring *takes big breath*ma nature and Abrock. Hello to everyone! I hope everyone is well. Take care! :hugsnkisses: Laura
  9. I think it sounds like a cool movie. And Gerry as a fallen priest? :ohbaby2: I went to a catholic school-nuff said? :laugh4:
  10. Good evening GALS!!! can't stay too long but wanted to pop my head in and say howdy! 49 weeks til the next Vegas convention? Will that be enough time for me to train? Mousie~My husband took pharmocology classes in college, he's the" braniac" in the family. Good luck with that! Rushandgerryfan~Those student loans are such a burden, my husbands were only just paid off 3 years ago. It is hard to juggle those payments-i have been there. But i bet it will work out! It's good that you can travel with him for business-maybe not the ideal romantic getaway-but your still together!!! (((HUGS))) to you ! My husband came home last night after being away 2 weeks. He saw me going through my Gerry pics late last night and told me (in a joking way) that i might be "getarded". LMAOLOL I told him yes, whenever i looked at Gerry all rational thought flew the coop. :mopboystranger: :tasty: have a great night ladies!!
  11. Hello all you GALS out there! I really should be in bed instead of playing on the computer, but have you ever had one of those days-when you finally get all the kids to bed-your exhausted but you can't sleep? I have been doing that alot lately. I just want to say thankyou for being here to everyone one. I am still new to posting here-but everyone has made me feel so welcome. My husband travels alot-so i'm home alone alot at night when the kids go to bed. It's nice to know you are all out there, and this is a soft place for me to land!
  12. All the ones mentioned would be great. i would also love to see Gerry in a romantic comedy-Sandra Bullock would be a good choice. Also i like kate Winslet.
  13. Hey there GALS, i really should be in bed. But i got my lovely trading card today and Bethy also made me a gorgeous siggy (i've never had one before) so i'm just sitting here looking at it! Aww, suz i remember the first missing tooth with kids! My 8 year old son just lost one the other night. He is expecting more and more $$$ from the "tooth fairy" as he gets older! :wideeyes: My 11 year old daughter knows i'm the tooth fairy so when she loses a tooth she just comes to me with her hand held out.
  14. Yeah, this pic does me in. If i ever need a reason there it is! :inlove:
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