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  1. I second this post!

    The whole thing was awesome. I enjoyed every minute of it, runny nose and all.


    Without you two this would have been one of those things "we should have done" or "wouldn't it have been great if" stories.

    Hats off to you! It is a labour of love and I am sincerely grateful that you care so much

    Xx Snap xx

  2. Ok so I think it's about time we got some crush talk going again.........

    So what scene/character gets your Gerry juice flowing?

    I'll start, Drac in the scene in virgin megastore! And of Gerry in the making of

    The one thing missing from this con was gusting ( Gerry lusting) lets ramp it up

  3. Again this year was filled with precious memories and re-connections. I for one will be starting a gals fund adding a monthly payment to help with next year.

    I can understand why some people do not attend but on the other hand what you receive from the event far outweighs any reservations. I just wish people could experience it so they understand, its more than a girlie weekend, it's healing and nourishing to the soul.

    Love to all


  4. She appears.........

    Sorry I've been absent my beautiful friends but things have been manic round here!

    I'm so excited to say that I'M REGISTERED...........FLIGHTS ARE BOOKED! I didn't think I'd make this year but I just have to get my yearly Gals love in xx

    Can't wait to see ya'll xxxx

  5. I have all my fingers and toes crossed that the world sees what great artists Aaron and GiGi are and that they are blessed with the recognition they deserve. God has sent both Sam and Aaron to us because he knows we can offer the support needed to their careers and causes.

    If you have not heard this great music or seen MGP, now is your chance to do both.

    Oh and I got a Facebook message from Aaron ( as I'm sure many did) thanking me for the support, I plan on pimping his butt all over the net whose with me? Get your pimp swagger on...

  6. Holly, when I go to the link it lets me leave a general donation, a donation for clean drinking water and one for child rescue in Sudan. I can't find one for Sam's birthday present. Help please.



    Hey Sue

    As far as I can see you use the general donation option and then before you hit send you can click on special instructions which is where you can add the message for Sam's birthday. Ginny told me this as I had the same question. I did it myself earlier and it worked a treat :)


  7. Hi Hi

    I think I'd like a new siggy and for that reason I come to the mistresses of siggydom to request a piece of work :kisswink:

    I'm not sure what I want.....actually I'm a bit enamored with Lora Leigh's breeds series anyone know it? Gerry as a breed :yummy:

    Any thoughts?


    *hi to anyone I haven't interacted with :wave: *

  8. Hi hi

    It's January and usually the lists of posts SQUEEEEEing about the con starts so I'll go first.

    Anyone got any thoughts on what to wear for the Be your own Hero ball???

    Possible suggestions

    Traditional comic strip hero's, supergirl, batgirl........you get the idea

    Movie hero's, Lara Croft, Tank girl.....

    Book hero's, Anne Frank, Claire Randall.....Sookie Stackhouse who knows

    or maybe you'd be someone who inspires you...........or even yourself?

    Any ideas yet?

    Snap xx

    *mods if this post needs to be moved please do so

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