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  1. I know. We need a shirt that buttons ALL the way down in order to get good pie. (For you newbies and/or those that may not frequent the gutter, "PIE" is that wee slice-o-manfur PIE that peeks through this shirts when he's had a good day of missing buttons! Suffice it to say, WE LIKE PIE! I just said in another thread we are missing some good pie action lately!!! A nice sexy Booth buckle and pie...... *Le Sigh*
  2. Louie........can't go there reminds me of Louie Walsh!! Michael is good, nice strong name! I kinda like the idea of Sexy Bastard.......yeah I think thats fitting or Michael I don't care as long as I'm saying it very close to his lips
  3. Ah Gerry and Snap as it should be!!! Thought this post was about me but alas twas not to be or love is still unrequited LOL
  4. Ah Jagers!! Bless his heart, I'd probably stand and laugh.......before helping her!!
  5. CONRATS Wish you both all the best
  6. How do you bast yours Landa????? Lots of BUTTER? Gerry smothered in butter images
  7. Gerryathon of movies........stuffing......chicken....chocolate!! Now thats my kinda Spanksgiving (Love it Snog)
  8. If he NEVER changed that unbuttoned, man cleavage-huggin, buttery hollow-exposin', neckline-accentuatin', treasure trail-teasin', soft, cottony, hot mess of a shirt... I'D BE OK WITH THAT! The publicists are doing an EXCELLENT job with him while he's being "public," but for ssake it's good to see "comfy Gerry" out and aboot! For lack of a better phrase, it's like "old times" -- satisfying, satiating and ELECTRIC all at ONCE!! That RABBIT pretty much sums up how I feel about those pic's in fact * looks for batteries* that IS me!! Now if there was only some good
  9. Actually, NO, you're not the only one, Holl! I want to get STUFFED!!!! heh heh It's gonna be a great Spanksgiving...I mean THANKSgiving!!! This one of the man mitt and spread fingers is 'doin it' for me these days!!! http://gbgalsgallery...0hg_01.jpg.html **clinks glasses** Here's to getting stuffed and wishing on bones!! I thought of ye, Snog, when I saw this two-finger shot: (he plumps when ye click him) Got all gerrybumply just thinking about him lovingly stroking the trim. I'm missing out ladies........we don't celebrate thanksgiving over here but I'm sure I can get a bir
  10. Happy Birthday G-Man!! Hope it was savage C xx
  11. Down payment made!! *Does Happy Dance*
  12. Hi ladies I was just looking through the pics from the fantastic photographers at the con this year, Mike, Brad and Brent and I wanna post a few thumbnails here that sum it up for me The laughter you will have is unreal........this is just an example but that pretty much was how the entire weekend went! One of my all time fav.......My girlies Raz and Cheryl literally dancing the night away......that was amazing and Finally something everyone should have FaNmily......to think that just a few years ago this would never have been possible I find it amazing that we all opened our hearts an
  13. Hmmmm Gerry married?? I'd be happy out for him and wish him all the best For me it's all about his characters, when I post and get naughty it's never with just Gerry in mind I'm always thinking more of a character he plays like Beo and the MGP Sam is looking way hot mullet or no So Gerry married gets 2 thumbs up no matter who he chooses, his life, his choice, if it all falls apart we'll be here for him as always Huggles Snap
  14. This was my fourth con and only for health issues would have been my fifth, ah well that's in the past! I make a point of saving and planning each July to get my arse to Vegas if it kills or bankrupts me, why would anyone do that I hear you ask? Just go and you'll understand, I have met people who I may not talk too for a whole year and it literally feels like I just went to sleep on the last night of the con and woke up the first day of the next con and we all resume our chats. I think what I'm trying to say is there are no expectations on anyone, you just go and be you for however many d
  15. Howya's I think sometime last Saturday night as myself, Raz, Paisley, Binkie and KB were solving the worlds problems over a few G&T's. I got to thinking of what Holly said at the Twitter workshop "for me Twitter is about who you follow not what you say in 140 characters"(not an exact quote but darn close)......anywho I really want to know people who are worth following and why. I don't follow a huge amount so I'm egar to increase that but with people I actually want to follow. I like follow Fridays but I never really know why I'm following this person etc so it would be nice if people
  16. Hi Jade-Jade, as far as I can recall Gerry called his pug Lolita as a bit of a joke cause he was the older man with the younger female in his life, she was his Lolita. He told us this at the '06 Con where he made a surprise visit and chatted for a few mins I think it fits him and her perfectly hope that helps! Snap
  17. Gerrynutsnap~ aka Snap with my Gals or Celine, C or hey you the Irish chick!
  18. Hi Eptx I think in the case you just adopt a tartan. Each tartan is linked to a Scottish family name. There are probably sites out there that will make one for you at a price but best thing to do is just find a design you like and go with that. Hope all the Vegas attendees are home safe and sound. Hugs Snap xx
  19. See ya'll sometime Wednesday
  20. Wow this is really excellent! Fair play Jo looks great, thanks for the updates Kathy!
  21. Yes for the love of all that is Gerrylicious we need ReNo cookies......pretty please!!!
  22. PM KB Bonnie and see but I can tell you any donations are welcome so I'm sure there's something to sponsor
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