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  1. Ah bless the poor guy! Hair or no hair who cares it'll be great to say Ello anyway!
  2. Yes (to a degree!) Do you like caramel flavour ?
  3. Oh I do to be sure! But I like the rest of the story as well TGBM has at one point kissed a pic of Gerry
  4. Woohoo! Only a short while away!
  5. OMG Suzie you rock!! I so want this.......think I'll be hitting some friends up for B-day Pressies
  6. gerrynutsnap

    We Want YOU!

    Anybody come up with anything yet???
  7. True Deb, there's been lots of takes on Shakespeare recently Kenneth Brannagh does it best so I'm curious to see how this one goes. Personally I think sticking to the story is important otherwise it's not Shakespeare
  8. YAY Gonna pop into chat on saturday I hope to say hello!! Mental that ReNo is gonna be there should be such fun
  9. OMG I can now actually post on Gals again YAY!!!! First i need to find out what the heck is going on with my itunes account my credit card is blocked hmmmmmm
  10. gerrynutsnap

    We Want YOU!

    Hi Hi How about adding a Scottish Flair to the music, bands like, Mr Greenfinger, Primal Scream, Wet Wet Wet, Bay City Rollers, Simple minds, Snow Patrol, Texas could feature throughout also songs that reference Scotland. I love the Scones idea with butter and Jam, proper tea Shortbread biscuits, oatcakes. Ceile(irish spelling) are a great idea just the organisation and actually learning the dances might be awkward, maybe someone could do a workshop on the dances and we could have it during boogie time? I'll think on more ideas and report back if inspiration hits
  11. Hey Landa This is the MacGuire Tartan (I'm a McGuire but they don't have a specific Mc/Ma variant) Hope it helps Snap xx
  12. Hi hi Anyone got a date for the con?? I've about 3 things on for June next year and want to squeeze them all in Hugs and snogs to all Snap Edit: Date as in when it's on not a who is going with you date
  13. Without a doubt that is one of the best Gerry interviews. It's got HIM stamped all over it.......I've been pissing myself laughing at his F-bomb rants over 300 The guy is pure class and the pride he takes in his works is OUTSTANDING!!! Fair balls G you the man!!
  14. All the signs point to YES......so far so good on the being there but can ya'll hold the con before the 29th my niece will be 1 and I can't miss that I had a fab time this year as usual! BIG thanks to everyone who attended the workshop, I was completely blown away!! Binks, Raz, Deets, Poppy, Cheryl and Barb sorry I missed ya'll I was bummed we didn't get a chance to say byebye....HUGS I'm trying to think of who else I missed??? Hugs to ya'll This year was great even with the decreased numbers and next year I will be doing extremely little on the sight seeing and more on the GALS see
  15. Woo hoo we have people!! Roisin said she has a "cupla focal" for ya LOL (you'll understand after the work-shop) I encourage everyone to ask as many questions during the workshop as you like remember this is just a bit of craic but I'd also don't want anyone getting lost in the phrases either. Sure you'll all be grand! I'm gonna be offline till Vegas I assume, I'm flying to NYC tomorrow and then Vegas on Thursday. See you all very soon Hugs Snap xx
  16. wooo hooo deadly Buzz!!!!<------dublin phrase Try it like Sla(the a sound is like when the doc stick the tongue thing in your mouth and you say ahhhhhhhh)-on(normal on as in "on the table")-cha(cha with the a sound like "apple"), so it's Sla-on-cha or Slainte (there should be a fadah over the a but my comp dosen't do this) Say, "slontcheh" (that's the best I can do phonetically LOL) This is bloody fantastic! Will have to work on getting registration relief so I can attend! (or I'll have to get Mike to record it for me!) CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU, SNAP!!! That'll do as well Hol Can't
  17. Hi Hi my fablous Gals I've been asked to do a workshop for vegas on Gaelic Gutter talk. As you all may know or not in some cases the irish (being me) have a very interesting turn of phrase when it comes to every day chitty chat or giving someone a tongue lashing (not as saucey as it sounds). If you are at a loose end on friday and would like to learn "how we roll" Myself, Roisin (totally morto) and Joanne my cousin (equally scarlett) would like to take you through some of the more colourful aspects to the Irish language..........Holly, KB and Hope got a taste of it while they visited with
  18. It's all so strange on there with the "celebs" there is a Gerry on there who talks with the director of LAC but then again who says he's real I have no clue I just like seeing the interaction between them all LOL
  19. Woo hooo!!! Awesome, I'll have a go!
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