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  1. I agree Attila Rocks, I just recently saw the whole thing again after about 2 years. For one of his earlier preformances you can see his talant emerging. I adored his accent and the effort it must have taken to get the majority of the scottish out of it, he is one of the most beautiful men I have ever seen and his talant takes my breath away every time!! He is so funny in shooters I love JJ also but my new fave is Johnny Donne in the Jury he is at his most attractive for me in this and his character is screaming for love and affection (which I have in abudance to give him :muahaha: :muahaha
  2. I haven't seen the whole craig ferguson thing but I will Ok here is a question: In "The Jury" was is the brand of vodka that our Johnny downs in one? I'll be thinking of more lol
  3. Hey Anna I agree with susan that article was a tongue in cheek review of the site. I think the LUST in the gals is what causes the raised eyebrows but to be honest it's my fav site. I love gb.net and think it's great but I just feel more comfortable here. The innuendo we use is how I speak normally when I'm discussing Gerry, I see no harm in abit of suggested raunch(and I have faith Gerry wouldn't either). Unfortunately for me none of my friends share the same Obsession(oh yes I am at that stage) as me with the G-man therefore if I don't vent my thoughts I may internally combust :spontaneo
  4. New Gerry flick sounds interesting! It's all just a waiting game I suppose Sarah: I nearly wet myself at you kitty issue Seriously you just have to see the funny side!! Beanie: Sorry to hear your leaving but I'm feelin quite inspired you are following your dream. It's extremely brave and couragous and with your darling hubby supporting you, you will no doubt succeed(reserved seating for the GALS at all your premieres) Too all the lovely ladies posting today, I hope you had a good one!! Celine x
  5. I could be completely wrong (not the first time lol) but that dosen't sound like him to me at all, did your man even have a scottish accent? I'll listen again but i'm going with my gut which says Nah don't think so!! Oh I love the cd Idea you could have gerry just speaking some lines like "You mean everything to me" " I love you more than life itself" "Don't ever leave me" Keep it on repeat on 2nd thoughts we might have some GALS going AWOL for awhile might need to rethink it Celine x
  6. That is so true Dawn. What hooked me was POTOm I had seen gerry around in other films and was impressed by his beauty and character and talant. I didn't even know he was in POTO and I was watching it and I was like " I know this guy, ah it's your man from reign of fire". When I googled him and realised I'd seen so many of his flicks and loved them I logged on and read some posts about him, saw some pics and some stories. I think when he sang something inside me said "right Celine you'll never rest till you find out more about this guy" and the rest as they say is history. My sister in Law co
  7. I mixed a CD for myself for the Car and i put a song from the Almost Famous soundtrack on it By still water called "sad Eyes". For whatever reason it always reminded me of Gerry, ther is a line in it that goes ahemm ahemm ahemm (clears throat to sing realises everyone has left the forum so i'll stop) " caledonia river far away" And I made my Dad watch shooters last night and Max refers to JJ as a caledonian cousin and my dad told me that Caledonian means Scottish, so no wonder it reminded me of the G-man. Celine x
  8. I think gerry suited Creedy very Well, of course more screen time of the G-man is alway appreciated but he is such the comic relief. Christan Bale is used to be my future husband till Gerry stole my heart, so that film just does things to me Love the new emoticons I got a copy of "one more Kiss" myself, the story was good I just didn't like your woman Sam I couldn't take to her. gerry was his usual great self the girls are right It's deffinatly worth a watch Celine
  9. Same here, I first thought that guy is hot in Reign of Fire then saw TR2 cause he was in it. Still didn't really know who he was, no no no I tell a lie, first saw him in Drac but never got the connection till I saw POTO and I was like have to know more about him. I googled his name found GB,net then found here and i love it. The more I read on Him as himself the more I love him to bits. It's not just that he is smokin but he is so talanted, I've seen all his stuff except for GOTL and B&G. They are next on my list. I love his little gerryisms like when in timeline and Dear Frankie he p
  10. gerrynutsnap


    Really Nice tat Lish. I have 2 i'm looking to get abother one I just have to wait for my inspiration, i'm toying between a lizard, butterfly and an angel. Choices, choices C
  11. OMG same thing happened to me last night!! Just got the Jury intened to do it bit by bit and then watched till ep 5 fell asleep and finished it off this morning. From what I heard it does mimic he earlier life somewhat. I don't know what Gerry went through in the battle of the booze and I think it's his own demon he has put to rest*good for him*. I love playing catch up on his flicks, next for me is shooter apparently a totally different character for Gerry and i'm excited to see his take on it and i've heard so much of that Yellow towel it's about time I got to the bottom of it*oh to be und
  12. Hey Girls if it's ok with you can I be " Gerrytots" Cheers C x
  13. Oh my Gosh!! A radio station in Dublin has been running a competition to win tickets to the oscars and elton johns after party. I am so gonna listen from now on LOL!! :gbflame:
  14. Hey Perrin Nice date idea, I can just see it now Gerry on a beach, wet, tanned and ripped..oh my gosh Great post C X
  15. OOOH gerrynutsnap! :spontaneous: That is a WOW Dream date :spontaneous:And your choosen Trading Card Gal is perfect for you! BTW, your siggy is so small. Is it supposed to be that way? Beachie Hey Beachie I had to give myself a couple of mins to let my blood pressure return to normal after writing that piece, he does things to me. My beautiful siggy is really small, Terry's witch done it for me and I love it. Sarah the angel knows what's wrong and is gonna fix it if she can. I should be rockin a normal sized one soon Can't wait. Bethy done my trading card and I love it so much she has a
  16. Ladies I must say all you're dates sound fab. I've been giving mine some careful consideration, so here it goes(in ireland) He come and picks me up in his range rover(he's bound to have one)at about 5.30am lookin all fresh and smellin like pure man no aftershave as he is only out of the shower. I grab my rucksack and we head off to the airfield, i'm all nervous and abit panicky and not because he is beside me(well maybe just a bit) but because I'm about to do my first parachute jump. We are in the plane on our way and he is chatting in my ear trying to calm me as he rubs my arms, as i'm stil
  17. This definately merits alot of consideration just like sue I'll have to post my date later ooohhh i'm all excited now remember it's pg 13, pg 13, pg13!!! definately hard, gonna work on it now!!!
  18. Hey guys I'm running with the majority here. The ever sexy slightlly greying gerry is a fav with me the little bit of scruff yum. In my opinion from the photos's i've seen he is definately not high maintance by this I mean when he is between shoots he seems to let his ol' merlin(beard) grow and hangs out in Jeans and tee's. He is just a very down to earth guy who can ROCK the red carpet when he has too and leave us all weak at the knees and other places ahem......
  19. I have to say I'm not the biggest Fan of that photo. I prefer handsome rather than cute(don't get me wrong i'd still......ya know)the flecks of grey in his hair and the laughter lines drive me wild, the look of having lived a life rich and varied now that is the true essence of sexy!! I found these pics today one of him youngish and then just some to drool over Vanilla Andre baby!!! http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e10/gerrynutsnap/gerry.jpg Not the best quality be those arms Should i share my fav.......this is Gerry being yummy http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e10/gerrynutsnap/y
  20. If you could put everything you ever wanted in a friend, boyfriend or husband into a bowl mix it up and make a man, it would make Gerry. As a single Gal I now have a gerrymark that every man I meet has to come up too and here's the reason, i'm not holding out for Gerry or anything(well maybe a bit lol) but if he can do it and be in the public eye have his every move remarked upon (good or bad) then why can't my future forever guy be the same. I was just watching some clips of the man himself courtsey of the site and I was laughin my arse off. He is such a witty, generous, humble, s
  21. Evenin GALS, I would have to say my heart belongs to creedy! A funny man who is sensitive, kind and good with the sprogs(kids)...............YEAH BABY!!!!!! Although if :mopboyerik: sang one note for me I am not responsible for my actions! Oh dear now i'm torn Erik or Creedy? Creedy or Erik? I know I'll get creedy a POTO costume and give him some singing lessons......... What d'ya think? (I could always get him a Dracula costume too!) :Draculababy: Now there's a thought hhhmmmmmm
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