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  1. OMG TONI!!!! Nancy~ HI how the heck are you? MINI STREAK Hey Sue Loads of peeps I haven't seen in an age!!!
  2. OMG we were down! I had a total Twitter panic attack Post, post ,post!! Hi lovely ladies, hope you are having a gerrylicious day
  3. Sorry Girlies I don't see it maybe he's a little tired/bored, my inners just clenched that man is too DAM HOTTTT! I'm having a total These are now on my list of fav pics!! Boo thanks for posting
  4. Just voted I'm thinking no1, it's Beo in shades I mean why not??? LOL
  5. Oh can't wait for the pics I love Jason Flemyng (my idea of Jamie F) and Matthew Modine - I actually bumped into him in a chipper in Christ church in Dublin he was filming some period drama........that was years ago LOL
  6. Oh I could do a trip to London in Nov and see this!! Interesting
  7. I kinda think the restaurants have shot themselves in the foot(or feet) with this one but policies are policies it probably has a lot to do with expected dining. We don't know if the restaurant was full and had no tables or weather it was empty and they were just being rigid. Any who Gerry doesn't come off too bad in this article and if it keeps him in the news well then........bonus points! I have to say I firmly agree with Moira is Gerry's mam saw him try and pull the "do you know who I am?" thing she'd probably walk right out of the place and leave him there then smack him upside the he
  8. I would consider myself a very open person and ripe for supernatural what nots but nope never had a tickle..........even when people close to me have passed I just can't sense them they way other peeps would say they could. I either think I'm highly perseptive and when something funky is going on I'll know cause I'll sense something I've never sensed before or else I could be doing the hookie cokie in a ghost and I'd never know LOL I definatley do not discount the supernatural, I'll be mighty ticked if when I pass thats it a flat NUTTIN I believe there is something out there just not sure
  9. It looks like the guy from V for vendetta, the mask anyway!! To shiny to be a ghost then again who am I to say, I've never seen one LOL
  10. I will not type "Ask her to define 'nurse.'" I will not type "Ask her to define 'nurse.'" I will not type ... Well if you don't wanna know.............it will most certainly not include sponge-bobsbaths, deep tissue FULL body massages, physical therapy on any of his limbs........*ahem* I'm sorry what was the question??
  11. The guy is a workaholic as we all know! He'll do himself an injury.......OOOOHHHHHH maybe I could nurse him back to health!!*before anyone goes off on one, I am not wishing any harm on the G-miester x* I think we can all take comfort in knowing that the spells of no Gerry news *shudders* shall be fewer and far between for the next while
  12. All vital bits crossed April that something comes your way! It's great to be finally SEEN for the great person you are Snap
  13. I saw it the other day and I enjoyed it but I'm not sure I liked it?? The Graphics are excellent and it is 100% true to the story, which is extremely dark and disturbing. I thought Gerry's voice really suited the part, it was deep and rough and portrayed so much emotion. It was as I expected it to be and much better!
  14. Whats meant for you won't pass you by!! I was reading the article and noticed that G only got 1 mention and it was mainly about Jamie??? Thats just wrong (though I do like the guy) LOL PLUS nothing (and I scanned it) about Gerry having just shot a NEKKID scene??? I mean HELLO he was NEKKID that is so newsworthy!! I tell ya what passes for journalism these days is shocking I'm just funnin
  15. Good point Moira it could be a new kinda 3 am LOL Or better yet a "on the boat" TR2 or "in the royal chamber" 300 we've established we aren't looking for a follow through on RNR, LOL
  16. Well, we didn't really get to see that in RNR ... just the tease of a dance. I'M KIDDING!!! It already says it's not a shower scene so ... he's home, alone, naked ... There is only one bad thing about that scenario........I'm not in it Did they say what time it was supposed to be?????? NOT 3 AM
  17. That is such a disturbing thought and yet such a TURN ON!!! Gerry in a shower scene......OH please let him drop the soap........Oh please let him drop the soap...... Oh and informant aka publicist (if they were worth their salt) Those few words are like money in the bank "Nekkid Gerry" we are so there! I'm hoping for a lot of thrusting like 300, bit o' flesh and just a hint of Billy but no look see's! Only time I wanna see a full frontal on a man is when he's climbing into bed with me......*pats the bed* Oye Gerry fancy a run around with a Gal?
  18. Hey Stuart I added you on Twitter or I'm following you.......eh not sure! anyhoo I'm Snap_C
  19. Are we raising awareness or money, cause if it's money are we getting sponsorship or do we all just buy a new Tee which will raise some funds, how long will it take? do we have a route? and finally.........I'm in
  20. Sounds really interesting....is this the right one bella? Titanic Vegas Snap x
  21. Excellent work Nikki......you really captured him! Bet he'd love a copy you know Rob looks up the fan sites on the net all the time(according to what he said in GQ) post it there as well Hugs Snap
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