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  1. hi robin, there are two hotels near events, one is the Delta Chelsea hotel near the events. and there is a subway close by too. that one starts at $116.00 per night (canadian) the other one is : Dundas Square Hotel right in the heart of most things (shopping) resturants. there starting price is : $65.00 per night and there is a shuttle that takes u to the airport. u can also type in Toronto hotels to see what suits u better. some of the ladies have stayed at the Chelsea in a few times. or stay at the Marriott hotel in the city too. hope that helps u a bit. Megg hi robin, there ar
  2. hi Sue,

    glad u are coming. post here closer to date when u are coming.

    looking forward to meeting up with u

    Megg (

  3. hi,

    are u coming this year?

    have posted for a get together.

    meg (marg) in canada

  4. if any of you gals are coming to TIFF this year, should try and meet up for a lunchen there are two places that we have meet at before one is Mr. Greenjeans at the Toronto eaton centre and The Duke of York. so, maybe a list of who's coming can be posted here that way of finding out how many are coming. does that sound like a plan ? Archie's Ocean Gal
  5. Welcome to GALS megg :)

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