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  1. Co-latha-breith sona - Happy Birthday, Gerry (and an abundance of cupcakes!) Wishing your Birthday is filled with love, joy and peace, and hoping you enjoy your time at Home with your Family and friends. You are the most talented actor on the planet; your eyes and facial expressions say so much more than words could ever say. You have brought such joy to my life for many years, especially in my darkest days. Your movies are magical, and I want to tell you how much you mean to me. You are an inspiration for all of us to follow our dreams!! You make the world a much happier place just by b
  2. Hi Betty, Don't feel that you are being ignored...I've posted and gotten no responses also. But, I've also had many responses from the GALS. I think there are just so many places to go on this site, sometimes a post falls thru the cracks. I've felt the same way as you, until I saw that all of us GALS have so many other things going on in our lives, we get sidetracked...I've actually had one of the GALS PM me with her phone number when I had a "techy" problem; I called her and we talked for an hour! Everyone here is so caring! Once you get involved in GALS, you will become addicted and wil
  3. Thanks, Suzie! I enjoyed it as well . It is one of the better articles I've seen! - it's so nice to come home from work and have something to look forward to by way of HRH. Gerry is so down-to-earth here again; makes us love him all the more! I doubt that he could be any other way; he's just so endearing! What other star would reveal some of the stories he shares? (like the one in this article.) No one. That's one of his great characteristics, which sets him apart from all the others. He definitely doesn't take himself too seriously. Anya - your new Siggy to too much (LMAO). You ar
  4. YEAH...I'm so excited!! I just hit "Johnnie' s Addicted GAL" ranking. He's one of my very favorite Gerry characters (I want to be Rose and have him at lunch!!!! or anywhere else for that matter...) Cheers, KathyG
  5. List Your Favorite Character in a Movie (Does not HAVE to be Gerry) A) Archie Brown (Mrs. Brown) B) Beowulf (Beowulf and Grendel) C) Clyde Shelton (Law Abiding Citizen) D) Dracula (Dracula 2000) E) Edward Scissorhands (Edward Scissorhands) F) Fanny Brice (Funny Girl) G)
  6. A) Ants B) backache C) contrary people D) Ditzy neighbors E) Egomaniacs on Facebook! F) Flies G) Greed H) Hateful people I) illness J) Junk mail! K) Kids screaming outside next door L) lusty looks from dirty, old men & pervs M) Migraines N) Nasty neighbours O) Overdrafts at the bank P) Predators of children Q) Queasy stomach R) Rashes S) Seedy bars T) Taxes U) Undignified pick-up lines V) Very low checking account balance
  7. YES!!!!!!!! I'm doing my Happy Dance:yay: - been chomping at the bit for this to come out since I didn't get to see the movie. Please keep us posted on the U.S. release date (I'm SOOO ready to RUN to the store (stay out of my way so you don't get run over ) Thanks so very much! Luv You! Kathy G
  8. Hi Barb Thanks for the new fab pics! I think they are my favorites so far - Gerry looks so happy and his eyes are so bright and all smiley!! I'd sure like to be sitting on his lap in that chair!! Your antennae must be on overload 'cause you do come up with the greatest stuff...don't know where you find them, but PLEASE KEEP 'EM COMING! Kathy G
  9. Oh Swannie, When I saw the Alzheiners Confirmed topic, I had to let you know how much my heart goes out to you. My Mom had the disease for a few years as a result of a Chemo treatment. I have been reading all the posts about your heartbreaking situation and am praying for you and your husband. I wish that I had more comforting words for you that could make this all go away. Mom was taking Aricept and Namenda which did help slow the progress of the disease. When she first realized that something was happening to her, she would say "Kath, I'm scared - what is happening to me?", and I wou
  10. Don't care as much about how he SLEEPS as what he does when he's AWAKE!! *RUNS out of thread for yet another * Kathy G
  11. That is one fantastic article; it's the best I've read so far. It's wonderful to have GBGALS receive credit for all their charitable work!! It makes me proud to be part of the Fanmily! "Captivating" is certainly an accurate description, but I was also thinking "Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered"... Thanks so much for sharing! Hugs, Kathy G
  12. Hi Holly! I'm a "newbie" and LOVE GALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing more Gerryliciousness - can NEVER get enough! And, they DID plump up nicely . BTW, Can I get a slice of that pie? Hugs, Kathy G
  13. From one Kathy to the other - TOTALLY agree with you. I for one can't understand what is up with that! BTW, LOVE your Siggy ! Hugs, Kathy G
  14. Hi Susan, Glad you were able to see Coriolanus - how did you like it? (I'm still searching for showings in my area with no luck so far). I'm glad to find another Janet Evanovich fan - aren't the Stephanie Plum stories fantastic? Love Janet's style and am also looking forward to the movie. Agree 100% with you about the Joe Morelli character! Hugs, Kathy G
  15. Sue, So sorry about your troubles...I am putting you and yours in my prayers and hope everything turns out well for you. You SO deserve the Best!! BTW, your grandsons are treasures! (I know I don't have to tell you - hug them very tightly for me please)! Kathy G
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