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  1. He'll be there, I think. I don't care if he get the award. Even if he would never get it. A talented actor is a talented actor, his performances speak and his fans testify.
  2. Cutting your yeeth in all sorts of films, Gerry! I'll surport you! Even if you pick up that part who tries to make sex with a camel! (What a pity that movie wasn't staged!)
  3. Well, the waiting may add more longing eyes on the movie.
  4. I will never select this pic to my Gerry Album. But I think it's GOOD for him that the photographers look upon Gerry as "special, UNCONVENTIONAL"! They must take pains to make him like this! How much they love him!
  5. His mother, reminds me the lioness in Coriolanus
  6. thanks, Barb! I like to see Butler play tough guys with volcanic inner passion!
  7. Only long interview like this can satisfy my intense attention about Gerry. As he said, he is not a star made by magic, but by his incredible efforts. I can't imagine what way he would live if he haven't become an actor? Fate and Chance, which is the real king reigns people's life? Am I the master of my own life? I didn't get the answer. So I have to try, to quest, untill one day the true goal of my life emerges.
  8. Wow, I love the group photo, for Gerry looks so outstanding in it! Thank U for bringing these photos, Barb!
  9. Glad to see the new movie is going on! He looks experienced and composed with his beard, a fresh image will be created when the movie is done.
  10. It's a social activity with significance. It reminds me of Machine Gun Preacher. I'm satisfied and jolly to see what a movie star can do out of his vocational area.
  11. So it's an animated movie? The stars give their facial expression and voice and all these are combined into a cartoon at last? it's a big waste, I think.
  12. “When the only choice is to watch people die or pick up a gun, what would you do?” ----- acclamations! Saving life is the foremost to be considered. If I jump into the river to save someone drowning and unfortunately I die because of my action, is it a self-killing? Because there is really someone killed (myself) in order to save another. is it irrational? violent? This is related to sense and sensibility. the God will not use sense alone, he also use sensibility.
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