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  1. oh nooo he has to shave his beautiful beard off!!! I love this man with a full beard , but I love much more to see him on screen!!! so take off the beard Gerry and be the Super Max Boy!!! Kisses Gals xoxoxo
  2. I just have to say Go Gerry!! and do as many movies you can !! Sabrina kisses gals form Brazil!!
  3. poor Gerry !! that man was so gross, he could made I big surprise for his wife, friend or another girl next him , giving this honor to her, he lost that chance !! Have a tea, with a so wonderful man , I'm not speaking a wonderful man '' phisically'' , but a good person to spend all a day with him without get boring, he's an interesting guy , and so funny as well! good laugh she or even this man could have had , or maybe a friend to have more fun together for a evening to all Gals from Brazil !! Sabrina I lot of womem could do crazy things just to have one photo with him, and that man lost his chance to make a woman very happy , giving a tea with Gerard Butler , the A- male !
  4. the number one is perfect! Gerry on surf board!! totally summer
  5. GO Gerry !!!!!! Go !!I love to see this man in big screen!! he's a very taleted guyyes !!! Gerry you are the best!! xoxoxoxoxox Sabrina
  6. Hi Pasley, I saw that you was the very taleted person who made very beautiful siggs for the gals here , please could you do one for for me? and can I chosse the pictures? if you can't do , do you know who could and give the name ? tks



  7. GREAT VIDEO TKS Gals to share this awesome vid with us!!!! xoxoxoxox
  8. Hi Gals please I'd like to have one Dracula trending card or could be one with the most recent Gerry's photo the most pic you could find ( with the Mr pink, his tongue) hehehehe kisses kisses xoxoxoxox
  9. Gerry is really a wonderful soul!Despite everything, he continuous to be the same nice guy he always were!!! This why I love him!! his is A real MAN! Go Gerry!! you deserve all the success in the world!!!! love Sabrina xoxox Ps.: gals how can I have a ''siggy''? thare's somebody here who make this for us? and where I can put the link ?
  10. I loved this interview!! and what about Gerry's restlessness... well I always thought he was a little hyperactive! we can see that on his tv interviews, he never stop to ''talk'' with his hands, and he often are moving his legs!! Kisses from Brazil Sabrina
  11. I hope this movie would realease here in brazil!!! I'm very anxious to see it
  12. hi magdalena I'd love to be your friend here!!

  13. hello I'd love to be your friend!!

  14. happy bithday Gerard Butler !!!! God bless you so much,for all your beautiful life, I give thanks to God for your bith!! you're a special angel, an I wish that your life remains full of happiness kisses from Brazil dear Gerry !! you should come to Brazil again!! We miss you here!! Sabrina
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