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  1. Hello Barbara. I hope all is well with you. I would like you to have a look a video I made some months ago. I cannot show it publicly for copyright reasons, but I think it is worthwhile watching. It contains scenes from MGP accompanied by the song "Hope" (Emeli Sandé). I have also subtitled it in Spanish. Maybe other fans would like to watch it too. This is the link:http://pigebebu...

  2. Hi again Barbara,

    I have found this in the Spanish press. I don't know if it may be of any interest to the forum, but just in case...




  3. Hello Becozy. I have a press review about Gerry's stay at Betty Ford. It has been published in the May issue of Fotogramas, a Spanish magazine about cinema. It forms part of an article about Hollywood stars who have been at Betty Ford and other rehab centres. I wonder if other GALS would be interested in my posting it. If so, how and where can I do that? Should I post all or only Gerry'...

  4. Life is just a dream, let's make it a beautiful one!

  5. Thank you becozy. I wish I could hear him sing like that more often!
  6. Thank you, touchmetrustme. I don't know if you received my previous message. I have just done my first posting, I hope I have done it correctly. I will go on exploring this new world and will ask you if I have any queries, hope you won't mind.

  7. Thank you for your welcome message. I will need some time to get started. I have no previous experience at forums.

  8. Welcome to GALS Sevillana :)

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