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  1. Great clip! We're on the fast side of the hill now and gaining speed. (I'm so excited about GALS getting to post this before the official accounts! VERY EXCITING times to be a GAL/PAL! )
  2. CALLING ALL GALS/PALS! We have (again) reached crisis-level funds for maintaining our beloved site. While we have eliminated many fees as we've pared down over the years, there are expenses associated with keeping gbGALS up and running - the biggest being our server fee. If you have benefited and enjoyed the camaraderie and fellowship resulting from your Gerry addiction, we are asking you to please consider paypaling a donation to support@gerardbutlergals.com. No amount is too small. On behalf of gbGALS Admin and ModSquad, THANK YOU!
  3. Hang in there, Swannie. Unfortunately, the circle of life sucks... Fortunately, as Believers, we can find comfort in knowing "we're all connected" and will meet again -- under His Perfect Conditions.
  4. Here is the FULL TRAILER which was released this morning
  5. God bless whomever is dressing Gerry for this campaign. PERFECT hur, man mitts of epic proportion. 12 years later and he still "works" for me! MAN of today, indeed!
  6. She's the "Miss Congeniality" Admin for a reason! I'm not particularly fond of the clean-shaven face, but this has just enough scruff to bump this into my "keeper" Juice Reserves. :-P (Dat neckline, tho, brings one's eyes straight to the buttery hollow of his neck ... to the guns ... to the man mitts...! Lawdamercy... I need the gutter.)
  7. His latest projects seem to be rife with re-writes and re-shoots. It's a shame how projects start off as one thing and end up something entirely different. (For instance, the Bounty Hunter script we auctioned in Vegas was a LOT different than what actually appeared on screen. "Butterfly on a Wheel/Shattered" suffered quite the metamorphosis, too. Headhunter started off as a thriller, and appears to have morphed into tear-jerking drama. I don't think anyone knows what Geostorm is yet. ) At least he appears to be having fun with the cast and crew of Den of Thieves
  8. I agree. There has been so much "scrambling to fix" this one with reshoots, rewrites, etc. This isn't my genre. However, if his character looks anything like he's been looking in "real life" (photos from re-shoots in NOLA, for example), I may have to give this one a swirl. LOL
  9. Lawdamercy! How'd I miss THIS one?! right-click-SAVE
  10. $500.00! First, I apologize PROFUSELY for the delay in posting this information. Mrs. Becozy has sent me several "gentle reminders" to make this post, and I've simply been overwhelmed in real life. I beg your forgiveness. While I'm begging for forgiveness, I'm send THANKS to everyone who contributed. Here is the accounting of the Paypal Account Activity 11/01/15 - 11/30/15 for - giftsinhonorofgerardbutler@gmail.com 12/01/15 Money received $290.85 11/27/15 Money received $ 10.00 11/23/15 Money received $100.00 11/19/15 Money received $ 25.00 11/13/15 Money received $ 13.00 11/10/
  11. How Mary's Meals Works Mary's Meals is a global movement that sets up school feeding projects in some of the world's poorest communities, where hunger and poverty prevent children from gaining an education. They provide one daily meal in a place of learning to attract chronically poor children into a classroom where they receive an education that can, in the future, be their ladder out of poverty. Mary's Meals began by feeding 200 children in Malawi in 2002. Today they feed over 920,000 children every day. Paypal account: GiftsInHonorOfGerardButler@gmail.com If you'd ra
  12. From yelp: The cost is around $50.00 per person and I think they give a small discount if you present your Total Rewards member card.
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