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  1. Great article! thanks for posting :: is he the sweetest thing or what??? (but we already know that :inlove: )
  2. OMG! hehe. I'm so with you on that one!what a visual.....*giddy*
  3. yummy!!! bigger is definately better btw,BonnieSkye - where can one find a high res version of that pic of Gerry you've got there as a second personal photo. RAWR!! :tasty:
  4. it reminds me of the Craig Ferguson show.... "You almost het the roof!" ETA: found the matching screencap hehe
  5. every inch?? runs and hides from spanker yup, didn't wanna say it.... :mopboyerik: and thanks for the yummy pix :tasty:
  6. He blushed? ahhhh...that's so sweet :inlove: I think I love him even more now (if that's possible :: )
  7. Yay!! even more pix!! bring on the flood!! love that smile *sigh*
  8. That 3AM line reminds me of that Green Day song : "I was alone...I was all by myself, no one was looking.. I was thinking of you."
  9. good point there Suz!See? that's why I love this board so much!! can u feel the Gerry luuuuurrrve??? ETA : I'm Creedy's firey GAL!! yay!!
  10. Thank u Swan for bringing up the subject I agree with most of u. I think that as fans we should be responsible for our own behavior and the way it may affect other fans in the future. relying on Gerry's people to deal with the situation if it gets too hairy...well, do we really want it to get to that point? if we all follow certain guidelines (such as sancre has suggested - thank u for that post sancre :: ) then we won't have to, again, rely on Gerry's people to fix or remedy the situation. touchmetrustme, u crack me up!! but it's so true!when he's joking sarcastically it's usually for a good reason :cool: Yes Susan :: , I know exactly what u mean. seen it in other fandoms as well throughout the years...no offence to any of the mature GALS of course!! love u all regardless of age.
  11. Ladies you're killing me! Gerry scent....it just got a whole lot warmer here! *fans self furiously* and the pix are soooo beautiful!! (those are happy tears!) he'll be the end of me..... :inlove:
  12. OMG... My brain just went numb for a couple of seconds..... :tasty: Stef u rock!!
  13. That is what I assumed...but then maybe I was just seeing what I wanted to see.... Kind of like how I pretend Paul Walker is not in "Timeline." :: LMAO!! Susan - congrats on the winnings! nice!!
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