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  1. Just wanted to see how the donations to Mary's Meals went this year. Sure hope it went good.
  2. I made a 20.00 donation the other day
  3. London Has Fallen - Official Trailer 2016
  4. http://www.comingsoon.net/movies/news/449899-london-has-fallen-has-moved-to-2016#/slide/1 Gramercy Pictures has just announced that their upcoming action sequel London Has Fallen will be hitting theaters a little later than originally planned. Although the Olympus Has Fallen follow-up had set an October 2 release date, the film will now arrive on the big screen January 22, 2016. The move comes on the heels of 20th Century Fox’s recent decision to release Ridley Scott’s The Martian on October 2, more than a month earlier than it was initially scheduled. Directed by Babak Najafi from a script
  5. Late last night I made a 10 donation wish I could have given more. I made the donation by pay pal
  6. https://twitter.com/maddielancaster/status/559437527208046592/photo/1
  7. June, Where do you get your patterns from?
  8. Bonnie, I want to say that I think Morgan's son is either 9 or 10 but not really sure. I totally agree with you I think the reason for the smile on Gerry's face was that he knew he was about to see Morgan
  9. That is some GREAT news. Think for everybody for putting this together and thank you everyday for the donations for the this GREAT Charity. I was GLAD to come up with the campaign..
  10. I have made just made a 40.00 donation to Mary's Meals in honor of Gerry's birthday. Please let me know when you get the donation by pay pal
  11. I will probably be making donation either next week or the next one. I had surgery on my right upper wrist on Tuesday to have a cyst removed and now I am only able to use one hand and it is hard for me to type with one hand
  12. Thank you for putting this together and as soon as my credit card bill clear I will make a 40.00 donation. I will post the information on other Gerry sites that I go on
  13. Wanted to pass this idea that I came up with. Hopefully everyone likes this idea that I came up with. You know with all of this BAD Ebola outbreak in Liberia I was wondering if we might could do a group donation to Mary's Meals in honor of Gerry's birthday this year. I am planning on giving 40.00 if I can. If anyone know how to get the group donation going please feel free to. If someone can set it up by using Pay Pal or if someone could tell me how to set it up that would be great
  14. You can tell in the pictures that Gerry is exhausted. I do not see how he does it. Hopefully after Friday he will get some needed and deserved rest. Maybe he will go back to Scotland before he has to start working on London Has Fallen.
  15. I was kinda surprised when I read that Gerry dropped out of Point Break. I think he would been good in the movie. But know since he is going to be doing the movie now he will more time to work on London Has Fallen and GeoStorm. Wonder if he will be doing any of his own stunts in London Has Fallen.
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