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  1. Whoops! I should have opened a new thread! Here is the set-up for Week 30, copied from the previous thread: A new game! Welcome to the 2017 Edition of Gerry Movie Survivor! Week 30- And then there were 5. Gerry's movies are all waiting to be shown in a film festival. In weeks 30-33 vote oneOFF. The last remaining movie will be the champion for 2017. Vote by posting your choice TO BE ELIMINATED on this thread. You are to consider each film as a WHOLE (plot, costuming, chemistry between co-stars, etc.) NOT just Gerry’s performance, in deciding which film to
  2. Welcome to the 2016 Edition of Gerry Character Survivor! Time for a new thread! Here is a link to the previous thread in case you would like to see what has gone before: http://www.gerardbutlergals.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=46709&page=12 Week 24 - And then there were 3. No more Immunity! Gerry's characters are all now abandoned on an island. Each week (weeks 22-25) we will vote to eliminate one man from the game until only 1 man remains. That man will be our Champion for 2016 and will enter the Hall of Champions with our previous winners. This thread is open to discuss
  3. Time for a new thread! Here is the set-up for Week 23 from the previous thread. Welcome to Gerry Character Survivor 2015 Week 23: And then there were three! NO MORE IMMUNITY VOTES! Each week (weeks 21-24) we will vote to eliminate ONE man from the game until only ONE man remains. That man will be the 2015 Champion and will join the previous winners in the Hall of Champions. The Champion will be announced at the beginning of Week 25. This thread is open to discussion about Gerry's characters, and why you love or dislike specific characters. Feel free to form alliances to save your favorite
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