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Ashley Kath-Bilsky's Book is now Available!

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I am SO proud of our very own Ashley Kath-Bilsky! She is our newest published author with the fabulous book "The Sense of Honor."

I would also like to brag on Annette Batista (Dr. Batista) and Stef as Annette took the pic and Stef did the graphics for Ashley's book cover! This is a first for four of them - Ashley's first published book, Stef's first designed book cover, Annette's first published photo for a book cover and Julian's (the hunky man who graces the cover) first book cover!

I couldn't be any prouder of all four of them!

Here is a brief description of Ashley's book:

The Sense of Honor

by Ashley Kath-Bilsky

Release Date: February 15, 2007

"What would you do to protect the people you love?"

CHRISTIANA TATUM will do anything. But when a handsome stranger comes to Bellewyck Abbey looking into guarded secrets of the past, she finds herself not only trapped in a web of deception, but falling in love with a man who could destroy everything she has struggled to save.

DEVLIN GRAYSON, the 'Duke of Pemberton', learns the estate he's inherited is in ruins. Even worse, Bellewyck's ward is missing. Certain of treachery, Devlin probes into the shadows of Bellewyck Abbey. The woman who thwarts him at every turn, yet steals his heart, makes him question the foundations of everything he's grown to believe. Will he be able to win her trust in time to save her—or will the sense of honor that guides her actions end in her death?


And the "Oh so drool worthy" cover...introducing, Mr. Julian Fantechi!

Posted Image

Please join me in congratulating all of our wonderfully talented and creative GALS!


Dr. Em/Dayna

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Hey Ashley,

Once again....I am so happy for you....such a wonderful accomplishment!! I look forward to reading your book. :claphands:

:butterfly: Pop

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My goodness, I gotta have Julian, uhhh, I mean this book! Ordering today.

All our authors should get together for a book signing in Las Vegas!! I'm THERE!!


**I wonder if Julian would like to be adopted by a MUCH older woman** :cunning:

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This is wonderful news. Congrats to all involved! We just seem to have so many talented people here at GALS. Y'all put me to shame. LOL! I better start making a list of books to read from all the published authors here!

Congrats again!


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:claphands: Congrats to all! GALS certainly has a lot of talented people. So glad to be part of this group. Looking forward to more beautiful and creative efforts from our talented GALS.
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Posted Image


How exciting...and I can't believe I havn't posted on this thread :bonk:

All the best to you Ashley; you are one very sweet woman!



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