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My duty is done...just voted again!!!! Keeping our boy in the lead...where he should be...of course!

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I, of course, just voted for our MAIN MAN! but I am a lil confused? In one area of the site (where I voted) the numbers show Gerry is leading by 226 to 31 votes but in another area (Poll roundups: top 3) it shows Gerry winning by only one percent 45% vs 44% with a total of 907 votes. Whic one is the real deal?


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I just now saw this poll post -- Thanx Deborahau for info on this !!

I had to vote for Gerry/-- "the Leo Lion King" !!! but I must confess that I also

love & admire Russell Crowe -- as a performer/actor....

I would really love to see Gerry & Russell in a film together --- and not necessarilly -

in a Warrior/action type movie --- (even thought I think they would be great in that too) --

but I would relish seeing them both in something --- along the lines of

a film such as "A Beautiful Mind" -- (which Russell starred in -- and I thought was an awesome

film) -- which by the way I think Gerry could have done a wonderful job with a role

like that too ... I'm dying to see Gerr -- get a crack at a role (again like Erik in POTO- emotion-wise) but

not necessarilly in musical (althought I would still LOVE IT -- if Gerr does more musicals !!! -

don't get me wrong).... I would love to see Gerr --- get a part -- where he can really --

dip into the inner-turmoil, emotionally --- perhaps even play someone who is

battling --- insanity or mental illness --- etc ---- Cause I think Gerry could

Tear up.... a role like that !!!! with all his inner-strength, fire & ability to get inside each of his

characters --- so well & really bring their humanity to life !!

I would also LOVE to see Gerry do --- more comedies --- because I think

he is a natural Comedian too !!!

Sorry to digress ---- from the poll....

couldn't help myself...


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How many different polls is this guy running? I keep getting two different totals. Are all the votes going to be added together at the and and a grand total determining the winner????


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I'm kinda confused myself because I just voted and it's 46% for Gerry and 43% for Russell..... A couple of days ago Gerry was waaaaaay out in the lead?? I would like to know the actual figures...

:confused: Fran

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Gerry won for March!!!!

There are new names up now.


Edit: This is in response to the hello magazine poll, not the Gerry vs. Russell warrior poll.

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I voted for the lovely, courage, handsome, and all 100% Spartan King and he is very much in the LEAD!

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Looks like, there's a new poll of Gerry, in the same site;

There is this information from the website adm:


March 19th, 2007 at 8:13 am

Issues with Polling - Ack!

in: Lounge, Things We Love, Polls, TV/Movies

Hi guys! OK I’ve been receiving a ton of emails regarding issues with the Poll, indicating that it’s not letting you vote because apparently you have already voted when in fact you have not. I have never had this problem before so I’m not really sure, but I’m currently investigating this issue. In the mean time, I’m going to switch back to the previous polling tool I had used in the past.

For all the Russell Crowe (where are all the Gerard fans?) fans who have been eagerly voting in my latest “Rus vs Gerry” poll, as well as those who took the time to email me (thanks!!), please try out this poll below and let me know if you have any more problems. I sincerely apologize for this and want to thank every one of you who participated.

UPDATE: OK, the issues have been fixed. There shouldn’t be any more problems with the previous poll. Please try to vote again if you’d like - and let me know if you still run into issues. Thanks everyone for bringing this to my attention - and your patience!!


So I just voted (guess who?), and Gerry leads by 87%...



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I am still voting in best music picture too I don't see anyone else there did we forget about it? I vote everywhere every morning Betts

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put in your web brower best music picture and then click on the site that has under it bestmusictop.com

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