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Gerard Butler GALS

I would like your opinion . . .

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Hey :wave: Gals,

Could I ellict your opinion/vote on what you think about a Professional logo/name I'm thinking about using for my graphics. Up to now I've been just using my initials, and I was satisfied. But, then about three weeks ago a word popped into my head *keeps returning,* and it seems perfect for the images I like to create.

I looked up the word in some dictionaries, and I like what I found!

jazzy (adjective)

2 bright, colourful, and showy.

1 showy: showy, bright, and colorful ( slang )

2 marked by unrestraint, animation, or flashiness

Informal: very bright and colourful: a jazzy tie/dress

2 Slang Showy; flashy: a jazzy car.

2 flashy, gaudy, jazzy, showy, sporty -- ((used especially of clothes) marked by conspicuous display)

• colorful (vs. colorless), colourful (vs. colourless) -- (striking in variety and interest; ``a colorful period of history"; "a colorful character"; "colorful language'' )

So here are the choices, I am considering:

Jazzy Products

Jazzy Production



Jazzy Images

Please let me know what you think. I appreciate your thoughts and opinions. Thank you, so much!


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Hi Linda,

I love Jazzy Designs...but I really like Jazzy Dezigns. My neighbor is a graphic artist...and that's how she spells designs for her company...only a thought. LOL... it just sounds so snappy with all the Z's.

Hugs, Linda

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JazzyDesigns really describes you Linda. I would definitely use that one if I were you.

Love ya,


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Libby, Dee, Linda, Suz, Alice, Marianne, Rissa and Fran,

Thank you so much your comments and votes. I appreciate your taking the time to let me know what you think.

You are right Fran the decision is unanimous, for I too was most partial to Jazzy Designs.

Linda, I am going to with the z in designs. That is a great idea, and I love it. It adds a extra zing to the name. :lol:

My friends y'all are wonderful! :kiss:


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