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Gerard Butler GALS

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it was Justin Timberlake...

Then Hugh Jackman...

THEN,Christian Bale


but i must confess,i have a new love...and his name is *drumroll*

Criss Angel from Criss Angel Mindfreak on A&E.I love him ALMOST as much as Gerry...

If any of you haven't seen him yet,here is a lovely picture of him...its an older pic,he now has his hair shorter...which i LOVE!!!!!!



Just a little fyi - remember our picture guidelines for the members who use dial up. TY. zany

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Pre-Gerry I was all about Johnny Lee Miller!

That changed when I saw Dracula 2000! The funny thing is, I watched it b/c Johnny was in it! I'm such a strumpet!

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Suzie, you took the words right out of my mouth! Although TS was always a hottie and I think if I can remember that I kinda liked Don Johnson especially in Miami Vice! Every once in a while I watch an old episode and some times he reminds me of our Beloved Gerbear! Then there was this guy named Paul Newman!! Oh Yeah I'm on a roll now!!.................... No body no where no how can compare to Gerbear!

PS.....Samwise your sketches blow me away. Beautiful!!

:kisswink: Fran

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No body no where no how can compare to Gerbear!

Fran, you took the WORDS right out of my mouth!!!!!Posted Image


Hey Barbara,

I quite agree, nobody can beat Gerry! But in my defense, I had a crush on Tom Selleck about 26 years ago! It would have been indecent to have had a crush on Gerry back then! Sooooo, Tom it was! I came to my senses as soon as Gerry was legal! LOL!


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Okay, this will REALLY date me and also make me seem very Pollyanna-ish...

My first one was Donny Osmond...it's true. I was young and he had great teeth! LOL

Really, I've never been one to fawn over entertainers. I never had posters or pics or anything of any entertainer OR sports guy.

I liked Tom Selleck, sure, but hot dreams? Not.

I enjoy looking at Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Matthew McConawhatever, Bruce Willis...but the very first actor I really looked up was...Ioan Gruffudd. It's true. He's a great actor!

Then came Gerry and, well, he's okay...*giggles*


Dr. Em

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Really dating myself now,

As a teen I had a crush on Robin Gibb of Bee Gee's fame.

There was this great show called The Midnight Special that featured all the popular bands of the time (70's to early 80's) I would be glued to the tube watching all the performers but Robin was my favorite. I never had any posters or anything just loved his long hair and the way he sang.

And there was medical show that aired in the 70's Called Medical Center, the lead doc was Chad Everet......very cute!


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PAUL NEWMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG...sooooo HOT!!!!! I could give him a Long Hot Summer! LOL

Robert Mitchum...Heaven knows we can't forget Mr. Allison!

James Caan and John Wayne and Cary Grant....Gotta love the classics! They never go outta hotness!

Btw...I was soooo in love with David Hasselhoff/ Night Rider!!! I used to steal my brothers Night Rider Sleeping Bag and sleep in it under my covers! LOL

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