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Dear Gerry,

When you were plotting your life years ago, while stuck in a career that did not bring you satisfaction or joy.... and dreaming about what you really wanted to do.... did you ever imagine that your life would touch so many.... that your soul's fingerprints would lay invisible upon the lives of others?

Did you ever conceive of how your own personal choices to follow your dreams, would benefit thousands of total strangers.... people from all walks of life, all corners of the world, and people whose age and demographics are made up of every variety, shape, size and color? Did it ever even come into your mind, that through your talent, you could impart joy and pleasure to people you will never meet.... people who are your fans, and people who have come to love you through your films?

I wonder what it is like for you now.... after years of hard work in honing your craft, to sit back and enjoy the fruit of who you have become. To know that you, one ordinary man can, and have, and are..... impacting the lives of others in powerful and profound ways.... while giving them a good time in movie theaters across the globe.

I know when I sing for live audiences, I am always stunned to see how a song and a performance can move people, and how through the giving of one's talent... strangers can suddenly communicate like very close friends. From soul to soul, these gifts are imparted... and like planting a seed in a garden and then walking away... you may never know what glories arise from your humble offering.

Well I am here to tell you about one such life, and yet more than one life.... also the lives of many others, who touch that one. I am here to tell you, that you are in part, responsible for the total transformation of my son.

Last year during the Vegas fan convention, Nathan was very ill.... suffering with the horrible symptoms of Crohns disease. The entire time I was in Vegas, I worried about him, calling home as often as I could to see how he was doing.

On the night when you paid your visit to the convention, afterward I called my son to tell him that I had met you, and that through Jereme's video you had actually heard our song. For a young man who rarely expresses outward emotion, Nathan was thrilled and excited.... just knowing that the person in whose honor the song had been composed had heard it!

Gradually, over the past year, due to medications, Nathan has regained his health, and continues to be inspired by your impact on my life through GALS and GB.net. He continues to compose music, and in time.... we hope to complete our Chanson de L'ange CD.... our target date..... by Vegas 2008!

But the REALLY amazing story about Nathan is this: I've told you bits and pieces in other posts; about Nathan meeting a lovely young lady through the GALS chatroom. I told you how they became close on-line friends, but after a series of face to face meetings and cross country trips, Nathan has formed a deep connection with this young lady. They both attended the Vegas convention this year, along with my husband and I.... and as impossible, and as miraculous as it seems.... my son is happy! He has found someone very special, and I believe they hope for a future together!

Now I realize that there are many factors which have contributed to this miracle.... most especially God, who I believe orders our steps as we grow in our trusting of him. The wonderful women of this site have also played a huge role, as they have taken Nathan to their own... loved him and encouraged him... supporting his music and his dream to one day compose music for films. I have never known a more loving and giving community of people, and my whole family has been benefited by the love and acceptance we have received from Dayna, her team, and the many members and fans we've come to know.

I give thanks for all those who have played a part in Nathan's recovery and transformation..... so I must also give thanks to you. You are not aware of it, as your career jettisons to blazing stardom, but you have been a HUGE influence in all the good things that have come to my son.

In Vegas this year, I saw him happy and confident, accompanied by a young lady he treasures, and enjoying life as any 28 year old man should. He danced, he partied, he joked, he laughed..... he had a normal experience, after several years of isolation and illness.

Someday when you are a father, you will understand what it means for a parent to see their child happy. No matter their age, when their heart and body are broken... the world is a dark and foreboding place.

And so, dear Gerry..... I thank you. Your kindness, and your visit to Vegas last year continue to bring joy to others. I just want you to know that.

Cheers to you, Gerry Butler..... and may you know that your *soulprints* resonate in the lives of this family!

If I may, I would like to share a few photos with you from Vegas 2007.

Nathan with his girlfriend, and my husband and I.

Much love and respect,

Bonnie Anne (Swansong)

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