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Going to Chippendales IN 2008!

Football Princess

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List revised again - kittypro is going to Phantom at the Venetian on Thursday night. So, does that make us the Dirty Dozen?

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Sorry Fergie! I copied and pasted the list wrong. I didn't mean to cut you off! Big OOPS from me!

And thanks for updating the list, Susan. I was just dropping in to say I won't be able to make it to Chippies. It's a tough choice between that and Phantom. I suppose if I pushed it, I might be able to do both, but probably not. My husband and I did a combined Cirque du Soleil and Blue Man Group thing on one night a few years ago, and just barely made it to the second show, going from Treasure Island to The Luxor. You never know about traffic or how fast you can snag a cab.

Have fun all!

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Hello to all my GALS. I waited until the last possible moment, hoping we'd get a few more interested in seeing Chippendales, but since there are only 12 of us, the Mod Squad has decided that there aren't enough people to warrant going through all the trouble of getting and arranging group tickets. If you'd like to still attend the show that night, you will have to contact the box office and purchase your own tickets.



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Just to clarify, Pam came to us (The Mod Squad) for some advice regarding this issue, and we provided our opinion.

Pam was gracious enough to volunteer to take on this project, since it was NOT a convention sponsored event. However, with group seating/sales needing to be done beforehand and on ONE credit card, we did not feel it fair for Pam to have to put ticket purchases on her personal credit card, even though she was willing to do so.

:hug1: Thank you so much Pam, for your generosity, but I think everyone will understand that this is not the best route to take. There's just too many unknown/changing factors involved.

Therefore, all attending the Chips Show should be responsible for ordering their own tickets.

To order your tickets, go to http://www.vegascasinos.com/chippendales-l...ow-tickets.html

Also, if people who are attending the Chippendales Show would like to meet at a specified time and place, and pick up/pay for your tickets at the same time, you will probably be able to obtain seating together. :kisswink:

Thank you all for your understanding!


on behalf of

The Mod Squad

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Guest DonnaKat

Thanks for trying, Pam. That was nice of you to try to organize something like this.

I was having second thoughts anyway. Besides, who wants to get all "enthused" and then have to go back to an empty hotel room? It's probably just as well. :lol:

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Well, Pam, I had PM'd you about this because, I was seriously thinking twice about this also...I absolutely loved the Chippies last year, but I kind of had that "been there done that" thought....and I also was feeling bad about deserting my husband almost immediately after arriving in Vegas....I really want to experience it with him too.....so, don't feel bad....I appreciate everything you tried to do......maybe the ones deciding not to go, can meet up at one of the clubs....I see where Tempo in our hotel sounds like a really cool place to hang out......I'll just be glad to meet up with everyone and introduce my hubby to the madness.....



P.S. Missed you Pam!!!!

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