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Got this from Gb.net:

Hi everyone,

this has been a good day. I just saw this at box office mojo!!!

Box office mojo has done their first written report since the 1st of the year. In it, I quote the following:

"Among holdovers, a quiet winner has been P.S. I Love You. The romance logged the best hold among nationwide releases, down a mere 14 percent to an estimated $8 million. With $39.4 million in 17 days, it's poised to surpass the final tallies of many comparable movies, including Must Love Dogs and No Reservations.

For the full article go to the following link:

Weekly box office Article at Box Office Mojo

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Hey Swannie,

It's amazing how stuff just trickles all over the place... lol...

I also added after that the following:

Early reports from the UK, where Ps I love you went into wide release this past weekend: Although no figures have shown up yet on the net, Ps I love you is showing as #2 in the top 10 movies seen this weekend in the UK.

Go UK!



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Great! I was gonna sneak in another showing this week. Actually, I was gonna go tonight but chose to go to another theater to see Atonement. Since it's limited release. If they don't hold PSILY over at my usual theater, I can wait and see it a our "cheap" theater.

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