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If you are in a small town... and plan to see Ps I love you again

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Hiya everyone,

I don't mean to be the voice of doom here, so please don't think I am being negative. And this only applies to the US.

Ps I love you has done very well over the last 16 days for a rom com, in the US. It has held it's place on the charts and in the theatres, recovering very well from that 1st opening weekend. It should break 50 mil by Thursday, or come close, which is the magic number to break even for the studios. (keep your fingers crossed!).

But I just checked Box office mojo and found out that new and expanded movies are going to take over 9000+ screens this next weekend. Plus 28 dresses will have over 800 sneak peeks on Sunday. Looking at what is actually playing on the screens right now, there is a good possibilty that Ps I love you (and basically all films) will be affected, possibly losing some screens, even though it is holding it's own.

I am hoping that they will take most of the screens from those cinemas that were showing 2 and 3 screens of I am legend or National Treasure. But I don't think everyone should bet on that.

For those of you who live in larger towns with many multiplexes, I am sure at least one of the theatres will keep it in play.

However, if you live in a smaller venue town, and were planning on going again, you might want to make sure you go before Friday, just in case.

I am not trying to panic anyone, just being practical.

Here's hoping it keeps most of it theatre count!



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Excellent advice. I'm in a big city so I think I'm safe but even here, they may cut down daily showings so that it's only playing in the morning or one show at night. :confused:

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