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Happy Birthday Gerry!

I'm guessing if you're here, you've had a chance to listen to your CD, and are curious about some of the song choices. This is the place for the Gals to tell you the reasons behind their songs.

We all hope you liked the CD. A lot of thought went into making it. We wanted it to be personal, and something you'd be able to keep on enjoying.

I also want to make sure to give credit where credit is due. Thanks to FergieMGS, for coordinating the whole thing, and pulling it all together, sofietje for gathering up the songs for us, and Stef with an F for designing the cover! (Stef is also the designer of our gorgeous website.)

I hope you get a chance to look around while you're here. This is a great group of gals, and a place I think you'd be right at home. Suffice it to say the humor here is right up your alley.::D: We all came here because of you, but some great friendships have been formed, and we stay not just because of you, but because of the friends we've made.

Thanks for all you do! :rose:



Gals...go for it! Just remember, put the title of the song in bold at the top of your post, and keep it fairly short.


Aren't you gals all proud of me for not putting this in my closing? :mouthmaulme:

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Dance with You LIVE

:hello: Gerry!

*deep breath* Ok, I can't believe I'm doing this... Here goes.

I chose the song "Dance With You" by LIVE, because something about that song just sets my heart on fire. The song is just so beautiful because of the lyrics. It's a beauiful song.

"I wanna dance with you, I see a sky full of the stars that change our minds. And lead us back into a world we would not face..."

Happy Birthday!!!! :hugsandsnogs:

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I DON'T KNOW HOW TO LOVE HIM--From Jesus Christ Superstar, Andrew Lloyd Webber

I have been a nervous wreck for days thinking about posting this for you! How to describe feelings that are undescribable!!! Well here goes:

When I saw POTO, the story and your performance overpowered me with emotions. Suddenly I found myself aquireing all your movie DVD's and investigating the man who protrayed the Phantom with such conviction. Along the way, this old song (which I had always loved) suddenly took on a new meaning.

It became the ONLY song I would choose to dedicate to you on your birthday.

It is what I feel in my heart!


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Haven't Got Time For the Pain

(By Carly Simon)

*clears throat*


Well, my song is an oldy but goody, and probably the biggest head scratcher in the bunch. Let me try to make sense of it...

Like many of the GALS here, I first discovered who you were through POTO. This play has always been dear to my heart, and years ago, was the inspiration to become a professional acress. I remember sitting in the audience, and suddenly feeling like the lights had just gone on in my head... I thought to myself, no, no, no! I need to be down there doing this, not just watching it! Within a year, I had a modest stage career going on. Zoom ahead to this past year; I bought the movie version sight unseen, and was just crossing my fingers that you would do the role some justice. *cough!* Well, you did, and then some. ::D:

Along this time, I had been suffering through a long, protracted illness that had me laid up in bed for oh, I dunno... MONTHS. And I was starting to do some real hard thinking about what to do with my life once I was finally well. I hadn't been acting for years, having given it up for some personal reasons, but now, watching POTO on the screen, it all suddenly crystalized for me again. Telling a story for people, making them think and feel... I realized how much I missed it. I have just a simple little thank you to you for this; sometimes it takes seeing someone else doing what you love, really well, to get you to want it all over again. So, Gerry, thanks for putting so much dedication into what you do on screen. It has inspired me to get back in there.

That brings us to my song. I'm feeling more energized, and am focusing hard on getting things going again. It has made me work hard to get past my bout of bad health. Thus, my little mantra "I haven't got time for the pain" as per the song, and kudos to you for the inspiration. :thankyou:

Happy happy birthday, Gerry! May this year bring you everything you desire.



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"Ready to Fly" by Richard Marx

Hi Gerry ~ I picked this song because it is inspiring. I first heard it on the amazing fan video made by Smarty Tarty and I could visualize how your career is on the verge of really taking off to the level of super-stardom . You have been so open in interviews, sharing some of the dark parts of your past which I think fit the words of the song that go "restless, hopeless and misunderstood" but then you found your true passion, acting, and are giving so much to us through your amazing performances on screen (and your incredible graciousness off screen). So I believe you, and your career, are ready to fly to whatever heights you may aspire to, and I hope the song speaks to you that way.

Thank you for being the conduit which has brought the most fantastic friends into my life this year. That is such an enormous gift for which I will forever be grateful to you.


Wishing you hugs, snogs, love and laughter on your birthday.

Susan, aka SporranTart

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Guest Aislinn

"THIS KISS" by Faith Hill


Dear Gerry:

Okay, so why did I select this particular song for your Birthday CD? Apart from the

fact that I think you are a brilliant actor with a power, range and depth that amazes

me, there is something just so kissable about you. :kiss:

Truly, you give the most seductive, mesmerizing, passionate, exhilarating and

ultimately breathless kisses on screen. I stare transfixed at the curve of your

plump upper lip. And you obviously have the most agile tongue on the planet!

Posted Image

So, naturally, whenever I hear this song I just start to smile and think of you.

Also, there is this little secret desire I have to one day get a kiss from the

undisputable "Laird of the Snog". I actually wrote you a letter saying that I

am now learning how to say, "Can I have a kiss?" in several different languages.

(I just want to be prepared should that magical day ever arise.) But until then,

I will ALWAYS think of you when I hear this song. I hope you like it.

All kidding aside, read what I wrote about you beneath my beautiful "Dream"

picture signature line. To me, you truly are the waking dream.

Take care and God Bless.


Ashley (aka Aislinn)Posted Image

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"BED OF ROSES" by Bon Jovi

Hi Gerry :wave:

I am speechless. I have thought for days of what I was going to write to you and now.......nothing, its gone.

I guess I am going to have to wing it.

First off, Happy Birthday. I hope you have a wonderful day filled with joy and happiness.

Secondly, I became a fan of yours after seeing POTO. I saw the stage production several times. I was so excited about the movie. When I finally saw it, I was so thrilled with your performance. Your voice touched my soul. I then found my wonderful GALS(each and every one of them is wonderful). I have made some great friends and all because of you. You are amazing.

Last, I want to tell you why I chose Bed Of Roses. You are a smart man, Gerry. If you have listened to the song it is self explanatory.


I can't presume to know you, but from what I have seen you seem to be a wonderful man. I have said to the GALS several times that I would love to hang out with you because you seem to be so much fun. Please don't change. Keep us smilin :smile:

You are loved and adored,


P.S. :mopboyreddeath: makes me melt...... :spontaneous:

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Black Velvet

by Alannah Myles

This song was originally written about Elvis. A couple of years ago I began singing it at karaoke parties and decided I absolutely loved it. I've never been a huge Elvis fan, so naturally I began comparing it to other entertainers. It wasn't until I began editing music videos that I realized how well this song fit you.

For someone of such a complex nature...slow-burning masculinity, quiet intensity and insatiable passion. I see this in every character you've created, and of course in your personae that is Gerry Butler. With every performance or interview I'm able to watch, I'm always impressed by the new layers peeling back before my eyes. I've never seen an actor carry himself quite like you, both on screen and in person. Your generosity towards us, your fans, is simply amazing. Hats off to you, the man of the hour, and may this next year be a fruitful and fulfilling one for you. Another way of simply saying Happy Birthday!



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My Confession

By Josh Groban

I guess it’s my turn now.

I had several songs come to mind when I heard about this project. Celine Dion’s Seduces Me, Rob Thomas’ Smooth, and Norah Jones’ Turn Me On to name a few.

I chose this one, even though the whole song doesn’t necessarily apply, for one paragraph.

That I feel myself surrender

Each time I see your face

I am staggered by your beauty

Your unassuming grace

And I feel my heart is turning

Falling into place

I can’t hide

Now hear my confession

I remember the first time I saw you in Dracula 2000, and again in Timeline. It was your eyes that first captured me, followed by a general ‘He’s so gorgeous” kind of appreciation. I decided I needed to know more about you. I was thrilled to discover a man with a heart as attractive as his outward appearance. I have yet to meet you, but am struck every time I read about a fan encounter by the graciousness you always show. We really do appreciate the time and effort you put into making us feel so important to you, even when you may not feel like it.

“I can’t hide“-If anyone had told me that when I was in my late 30’s, I’d belong to a fansite, and be so involved in an actor, I would have laughed. Not only am I proud of being a fan of such an exceptional man, I’m proud of being a fan of an exceptional actor. I’ve won over several people, including my mom, my best friend, and a guy I work with who used to sing with the MET, by sharing POTO with them, and now I actually parted with Dear Frankie last night so my coworker can watch that too.

I could keep going, but I am the one that asked everyone to keep it short.

Thank you Gerry, for bringing so much into all of our lives, and yes, every new picture still takes my breath away.

Happy Birthday!!



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You raise me up

Josh Groban

Dearest Gerry...

I just wanted to wish you the happiest birthday, I would have been so happy

to tell you this in person but I guess that some other time will do just fine.

I choosed this song 'cause it's one of my favourites and a love song... okay

I'm sure you know by now that I have the biggest crush on you, but it's

always heart-warming to tell someone that you like their true feelings. Though

I don't know you in person, I feel like I do. I've been looking at your interviews

and when you meet other fans and I see this wonderful man that so many girls

dream about...me among them. Anyway, I hope you have a great day...don't

work to hard and have loads of fun. I hope the people that work close to you

make you a cake, with candles on it...the traditional way. I received the letter

and the signed picture by the way...Thank you so much!!!!!! Oh and in case you

enter this site and this particular part dedicated to you you'll find song I wrote

inspired by you and "No one would listen" from the movie Phantom of the Opera.

I hope you'll like it, I'm sorry that I can't sing it for you but I have this terrible voice

*smiles*. Love you.

Well congratulations and hopefully we'll meet someday.



one of your many fans


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Shape of my Heart


I chose this song simply because I love it and wanted it to share with you. I love the lyrics, the play with words and the meaning behind it.

When I first saw you in POTO on 27th December 2004, I was feeling very bad. My life was at a low point. I felt burned out and had nothing to give anymore. (There is a story behind this, but it would take too long to explain. ). I had always loved the musical and the story of Phantom of the Opera, and just wanted to see the film, without having any expectations. When I left the cinema 2 1/2 hours later, my life changed. Your performance had broken the wall I had built around me, made me let go of all the anger, pain and sadness I had hidden inside me and slowly I started to heal, in body and soul. Naturally I wanted to know more about you, and like many others was totally pulled in by your personality, your graciousness, passion and humor and your ability to dive with all your heart into another character as an actor. Well and of course by your looks. I could go on singing your praises, but I just say: Thank you Gerry, for being you and bringing me back to life.

Happy Birthday


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Wonderland ~ by John Mayer

Hum, let me think, why, oh why, oh why would I have chosen this song? Gerry, just use your imagination, I know I do every time I hear this song. :heat:



Dr. Em

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Black Velvet

by Alannah Myles

I chose this song because it ties so closely to my southern roots and upbringing here in Memphis, TN. This is the slow, hot south where the weather sizzles, and where we Southern Gals like our men the same way. Gerry you definitely sizzle! POTO was where I became enamored of your skill as an actor, although I could not at first admit that you actually played The Phantom. I have since discovered your other movies and become even more enamored of you and your acting. However, when I discovered your fan sites, I fell helplessly in love with you as a person--a real person, who openly shares himself with people whom he has never even met. Gerry, you are a rare person indeed, but I really don't want that to go to your head, so let me continue.

I'd like to share with you why I am a member of GALS, which is a fan site dedicated to you, but is so much more. Please read on Gerry, for this is who we are, and who I am.

GALS, simply in one word, is Passion.

Passion is the heart and soul of the GALS, Gerry Addicted Lust Syndrome, and it is a freely shared addiction. We, the GALS, will share our passion with anyone who will listen to our animated antics, ramblings and heart-felt stories about a certain Scotsman and actor who has won our hearts, minds, bodies and souls. And, we willing share all of these with you, in which, ever order that would please you because our passion is lusty, deep and rich.

But Gerry, although you are the beginning and center of our passion, our passion does not end with you. Our passion is for ourselves and for our sister GALS, who have become the family and home of our hearts and souls. Unbeknownst to yourself, Gerry, you have led us to find each other, because we needed to talk about you and to you if and when we might get the chance. Our talk here at GALS is lusty and full of laughter, desire and love. We talk about you, your moves, your movies, your body, your soul, your acting, your fun loving antics, your clothes, your smile, your hair, you face and your body. *Ah, I did say that didn't I.* Gerry, we talk about everything, and I do mean everything. ::D:

It was your marvelous skills as an actor and your drop-dead good looks which led us to you, but it is your genuine, real, down-to-earth caring as a person and a human being, which has kept us loyal and faithful to you. And that faithfulness has returned to us triple-fold as we have become a family here at GALS.

In your movies and in all that you have done you have shared your passion for life, as well as, your own life's passion, acting. You past these passions on to us, and now we are seeing those passions reborn, in ourselves and each other. We are a crazy, bunch of creative women, who are reaching out and living our dreams because we share one lusty, bawdy passion, YOU. And, that one passion has ignited many other passions within us. We are mothers, lovers, sisters, daughters, grandmothers, aunts, nieces, cousins and spiritual mentors to each other. We are writers, video artists, graphic artists, actresses, web-mistresses, students and all types of creative women who have awakened to our own rich complexities and unquenchable lust for life, of which, you are the center and the crux.

You have shared yourself with us Gerry, and now we share you with any and all who will take the time to listen, but most of all we share ourselves. We are the GALS who love and adore you. We are the GALS whose lust for life will not be denied. We are the GALS, who are simply addicted to life, to passion and to you, Gerry.

We thank God, you are in our lives and we simply want to say, we love you,

Signed: The GALS

Gerry, I wrote the above as a entry for a Contest, "How Would you Describe GALS to Gerry?" When I wrote my entry, I was using it as an opportunity to share my deepest feelings with you Gerry and to tell you about why you are so important to me and to my family, here at GALS. I always knew I would one day send this message to you, so, at last, here it is Gerry.

Happy Birthday Darlin, and I hope you have a great birthday with loads of fun! :rose:

Linda a.k.a. givemeabeach or beaches

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by: Roberta Flack


I selected this song because the very first time I really took exceptional note of you was in Phantom. You had me at "look at my face in the mirror".

I never have been a fan of anyone in all my 70 years, not even Elvis though I had seen him in person in 1956 and thought he was great. Just goes to show you what a great job you do attracting people of any age.

Keep up the good work and I hope your life is full of good blessings and happiness. GEB4ME Gloria :kiss::clap:

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YOUR SONG by Elton John

Why does this song make me think of you Gerry?

The first time I heard this song I was in my mid-teens. I was not a fan of pop music, and just happened to hear it on my boy-friend's car radio. I was in the midst of my first serious boy/girl relationship; bubbling over in the warm glow of first love. I shall never forget that remarkable sense of well being and happiness.

I had never heard of Elton John, and I simply fell in love with his voice. It was so soft and naturally unaffected, with a bit of earthiness and pathos about it. Then I started listening to the melody and lyrics. At that time in my life, I was just beginning to compose songs myself, so the angle that the performer was singing about writing a song spoke very personally to me. I immediately went out and purchased EJ's album, and must have listened to Your Song one hundred times the first day I owned it. I grabbed my guitar and figured out the chords, then sang along with the recording. It was one of my favorites for years, and even today when I hear his original rendition...it takes me back to that sweet and innocent time in my life

Fast forward to now. I am a happily married woman who just turned 50, who was deeply moved, sexually turned on and "soulslammed" by your complex and emotionally rich portrayl of the Phantom. I almost feel like that same young innocent love-struck teenager... just on the cusp of all that life has to offer. You have brought out my inner 15 year old!

So much has changed for me since December 22, 2004, that I cannot begin to "put down in words.... how wonderful life is, now you're in the world."

"Anyway the thing is...what I really mean,

Yours are the sweetest eyes, I've ever seen."


Bonnie Anne

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Your in love


Dear Gerry:

Never before has an actor moved me like you have.

You are a powerful and amazing artist who has "Struck me like lightning!" with your performances.

I just want you to know how much I appreciate your work and passion for acting.

A big thank you from me to you!

~Well turn around

~Remember me

~You're struck by lightning

~Your in love

Yep, that's what happened to me. hehe!

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY GERRY!" :happybirthday:

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IN A BIG COUNTRY By: Big Country

Hiya Gerry!

I have to admit that my first choice for a gift was completely different. I had hoped to mail myself in a big box and pop out on Sunday morning with your first Starbucks latte of the day in the Official-Celtic-GALS attire.......a Celtic soccer jersey and thigh boots. Oh, well....next year perhaps! :kisswink:

Hope you enjoyed the CD put together by the GALS. There wasn't a particularly profound reason behind my choice. "The Best of Big Country" had been in my car cd player for a few days when the request for songs come through and I thought it would make a good track to add to the cd. I must have been about 11 years old when "In a Big Country" was first released. I was determined that when I grew up I would move to (what I thought was) the big, cosmopolitan city of Dumfermline. Somehow, Dumfermline doesn't quite hold the appeal that it did all those years ago (in fact, I have still never ventured across that bridge from Edinburgh).....but the Big Country album continues to make it back into my stereo every now and then.

We haven't "officially" met, but at the Beowulf premiere you stopped on the red carpet and held your hand out for me to take. (Thanks for that moment.:smile:) I also made a brief appearance at the after-party - I saw you quite a bit, but left without actually speaking with you. The scene was just too crazy for me. Perhaps our paths will cross again.....hopefully it will be somewhere much quieter.

Enjoy your birthday!

Big smooch, :kiss:

Jacqueline Phillips


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Green Eyes by: Coldplay

Um.. mine seems kinda obvious but... theres a little more to it than just your eye color I promise.

The line of the song where it says: "I came here with a load, and it feels so much lighter, now I’ve met you and honey you should know, that I could never go on without you..." is exactly what I would want to say to you if I met you face to face because when I'm feeling down and everything seems to be going wrong and I just feel like I can't handle it I go up into my room and watch one of your movies or get on the computer and watch your interviews or get on GALS/GB.net/etc. and I just feel so uplifted and re-energized! The gals/tarts/mactartsins are really my support group and I never would have found them if it wasn't for you.

"Honey you are the rock, upon which I stand..."So anyway thats why I chose that song, it seemed to fit the way I feel about you perfectly. Hope you had a happy birthday and enjoyed the c.d.!


:hugs: and :kiss:


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I chose 'Addicted' by Kelly Clarkson. Firstly I chose it because someone did the best fan video I have EVER seen to it and secondly, I felt that the lyrics really said what I felt about the character 'phantom.' When I first watched POTO it was almost like the phantom was real, it got to me that much. The phantom was constantley in my head and wouldn't leave me alone.

I hope that you enjoyed the cd and that you had a great birthday.

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I like the song "Beautiful Disaster" from Kelly Clarkson.it reminds me of POTO (as u can tell from the title). ::D: it also reminds me of my love for a special person that's close to my heart...*sigh*


Jessica :kisswink:

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Thanks for the bump Beachi! I so much enjoyed working on this CD and getting to know some of you so much better. It was really fun!!! Reading about the songs chosen makes them even more special.

And, of course, thanks to The Man!!! :Draculababy:

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