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Wednesday anyone?

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Hi girls! :wave:

While trying (unsuccessfully, I'm afraid) to book my flight out to Vegas, I saw that there were some cool Grand Canyon tours. I've never been, and I thought it might be worth heading out a day earlier to see the beauty of nature before the glitz of the lights of Vegas.

Is anyone else planning on coming in maybe on Tuesday or could take a half-day tour on Wednesday afternoon/night?

(Or are there other plans for Wednesday night already?)

Jen :kiss:

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Guest greyeyegoddess

Hmmm...might be an incentive for me to come early. I've never been.

If I do, I'm bringing my parents along. They are coming to Vegas again, staying with family-that way I don't have to be home for Fathers' day.



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Ok, there are a bunch of tour companies that offer these. Have a look at this site.

There are bus tours (cheapest - generally under $100), helicopter and airplane tours (expensive $200-300). There are some that include SUVs, ATVs, or poontoon/rafting boats as well.

Personally I think I'd steer away from the airplanes, but I could be ok with helicopters, boats, or SUV/ATVs.

Unfortunately most of these places list "narrator guides" - I'm not sure if that means we just get a driver or what. But let me know what sort of tour you'd be most interested in, and how long you'd like to be out and about. The longer ones are up to 15 hours, but there are some that just do sunset or maybe 8 hour tours.

I think my favorite just now is the West Rim/Helicopter/Boat ($273). But I could easily do a bus tour (South or West Rims) or the River Float Trips, which are alot less expensive. Plus not everyone is into heights and helicopters...

Alice - that's a great point about Father's Day (I'm green with envy that your parents are coming so you don't have to hurry back!). I do actually have to be back for Father's Day, and with the time difference, I'm going to have to leave at 10pm during the ball on Saturday (bummer) to get home in time to do my usual thing and cook breakfast for Dad and the family. So I'll miss a few hours of partying, but family is important, and I wouldn't miss my Dad's day.


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Hey Jenn

It will be great to see you in Vegas. When dad and I were at vegas a few years back after the Globes we did one of the bus tours and it is a really long day and unless you really enjoy seeing alot of desert and crossing 2 or 3 time zones whilst it is the cheapest option I would not choose to do that again. It took about 8 hours to actually get to the Grand Canyon and we had maybe 45 minutes there then it was that same journey back again. I never realised for one minute it would take that long.

Muggins here thought it was about 30 mins away from central vegas :bonk::doh: LOL

My mum and dad are coming ot Vegas but doing their own thing and the Convention will be finished just in time to really celebrate Father's Day on Sunday 16th. You've got your priorities right sweetie!.


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I think I have to decline on this one - I've had to face that fact that I'm spending money WAY too fast lately so eliminating some of the "extras" like tours from Vegas is one thing I have to do in order to get my spending back in line with my income! Fortunately I've been to the Grand Canyon once before on a tour from Sedona. It was definitely an all day thing. But have fun, anyone who decides to go.
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Hey jenn

I'm coming in on wednesday with Holly but I'm not sure of the time. If I can make it I'd love to do the tour with you!

I'll get my details and let you know

hugs xx

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i did the west rim bus tour last november...it was a beauitiful sight, and i recommend it, it is a very long bus ride, so be preparedd for that...the lunch they serve is very good, and you have a nice time at the reservation for walking around , taking the tour on the glass enclosure...which is really cool.... even if you have height issues.... we did find that the tickets at the reservation were $5 cheaper at the reservation than through the tour company... for the glass enclosure...if you dont get to vegas often or have the opportunity to see the grand canyon... and you have time to fit this in.... go for it... its worth it...IMO :cunning:

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