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Win one! The Game of Their Lives - Miracle Match

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Well I was a tag sale yesterday. Yes, I live in those places. !!


long behold there was a copy of The Game of Their Lives (Miracle Match) Yes FRANK!!!

So I bought it. This strange thing came over me where I just couldn't leave it there, even though I already have a copy of it. So I thought I'd do what Aviid Mind did and throw names in a hat and have a draw for it. I'll ship it to whoever wins it. That movie should never sit on a shelf when there's all these GALS here collecting Gerry's movies! One of you should have a copy.

So if you want to put your name in, just add a reply here and when I draw on Thursday, Oct 30th, I'll pm whoever wins for their mailing address..

Good Luck.

It's a great addition to your Gerry Collection!

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4 names in.

Oh, I"m really not that nice. ... ask Isaboo!! It was a steal and it's just not one I see all the time so of course, I couldn't stand to think of someone buying it and not even knowing who Gerry was! That's just not acceptable!

and before y'all get overly excited, it wasn't a new copy but it is in good condition and works perfectly. I did give it a test run.

Plus Frank + soccer shorts + wet mud = GALS BEST FRIEND!


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i already have a copy of this so i wont put my name in for it,,

i just wanted to offer to anybody who hasnt seen this film , it really is a lovely film, gerry is wonderful in it, and it has a great cast, great story and its wonderfully filmed.... its also a movie thats can be watched by the whole family!!!! there is some drinking involved, may be a few swear words but nothing to keep from kids , in my eyes anyways, my 8yr old has seen it many times.. her and her friends love soccer, **and gerry**

a really nice thing for you to do islandgirl....

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I'm in. Please put my name in the pot. I'm working on a convertee and she is a soccer fan, so to see Gerry playing the game will probably push her on over the edge for Gerry. She's just one more detain shy of being a true fan.



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Aww thanks Sandra! You're a sweetie! and I'm not skinny! But I do admit to eating an unusually large amount of food and maybe a little more often then I should. But that's just cause we were on vacation!!

Great more entries..

Shirsan, lets say I do a lot of stop / rewind/ stop / rewind during some of the soccer footage! ;)

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Charloette, I would be happy if you'd add my name to that list.It's very nice of you to think of us Gals when you came across that bargain.I'd love the chance to win it.

Posted Image Peggy

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