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Well being off the board for over 2 weeks I'm late to this party. And they have new firewalls up here at work so I will have to wait and watch this at home. I'm so behind I need to take a tour to see what I'm missing here.


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It just goes to show you that many, not all, but many of these photogs or paps are just out for an easy buck. The guy's a "fire eater" on the weekend? Who would do that? That can't be healthy! I also know, from working in an ER, that people can get a residue around their mouths from sniffing aresole paint to get high, even though the guy sounded pretty lucid.

My disappointment in the LAX video was that Gerry didn't get to wish his fans Happy Holidays, although I was extremely happy to hear his destination plans. I'd like to think he added that for the benefit of his loving and concerned fans. I realize he was somewhat irritated, and I don't blame him but I'm sure if the photog had left the camera on just ten seconds more, Gerry would have wished us a happy holiday.

Celebrities have to know that their fans and adoring public are probably going to see the video so they might as well just address us and act happy. Of course, it is embarrassing, like he said, to be followed around. In the "old Hollywood", celebrities would play up to any camera and kiss and wave at their fans with adoring appreciation. The razzi has gotten so bad, that all the celebs want to do is run from them. It's too bad. Just like with Daniel Craig, "leave me alone" and then we get to see him disgruntled. Kind of takes him right down off that pedestal fans put them up on. Just "mug" for the cameras, I say. It's going to be put up for all to see anyway so might as well act pleasant and cheerful and appreciative to the fans that go see the movies, right? I thing they sometimes forget that their anger directed towards the paps, will come off as the same towards the public and that's exactly what the razzi is aiming for!

I'm with Susan about a law regarding what these paparazzi can do or say. I'm not sure really why there aren't any now. It seems an extreme invasion of privacy. I didn't think anyone could take your picture and use it without permission. Harrassing someone in to getting angry is over the line. Asking personal questions, especially when children are around, seems way out of line too.

At least, if I was the photog, I'd pose the question, "do you want to wish the fans a happy holidays?" That would seem tasteful and would make the celebrity more comfortable at least and keep it from seeming so prying, perhaps seeming more journalistic in nature. I don't know. I'll shut up now.


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What I wouldn't give for there to be laws about the razzis! I would have thought that after Princess Diana's death that governments around the globe would have done something to prevent more of this. Nope. Sadly, it will probably take another tragic razzi incident to make the lawmakers realize that something needs to be done.

For now, they hide behind the First Amendment (not getting political - just honest) and use it as their weapon to harass the celebrities. It's just disgusting. Yes they have the right to make a living, but not at other people's expense.

Off the soapbox! Sorry about that . . . I'm glad we haven't heard anything from Gerry over the holidays. He needs the anonymity and I hope that wherever he is he is walking around the streets or doing whatever without notice. We'll have 10 weeks of him filming LAC to satiate our cravings.


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I believe what annoys celebs the most about the paps is that they are making money off of what they are doing, but as long as there are no laws against it, what can you do? They don't see them as having a legitmate career, rather more as opportunistic parasites. If they have to be tolerated, maybe it would be behove all celebs to just think of their adoring public through that lens that will probably see the vids and pics and look into the cameras and smile and say, "love you, fans"! Don't get annoyed, angry, disgruntled or bothered because then THAT is feeding in to their tactics and shock value. Act like the photog isn't even there but the camera is that portal, the only connection, that the fans have to their idols.


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Happy Holidays Everyone!!!


How's the weather in Scotland today?...It's snowing here in Reno with more expected this afternoon..

Hi Lilyrose

I never answered your question. We have had sunny but cold weather in my neck of the woods. It's the kind of weather I like at this time of year. It hasn't rained or snowed yet so all in all it has been really nice weather over the holidays so far.

It's a shame he could not have brought Lolita home as it is perfect dog walking weather.

Moira :wave:

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He could have taken Lolita with him but on British Airways it says pets can only ride in cargo - they have no check-in priviledges. I don't know if he'd want his baby to ride in cargo for all those hours unless they have a heated section that is nice enough for her.
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