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Gerard Butler GALS

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Shouldn't be long now girls.... :)

new disc lable and new DVD cover...

same great documentary...

new bonus material....


but it will be so worth it.....


... sorry about the picture zany....

thanks for fixing it .... :)

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I love the disc label! :wuv: I love it when there is a picture on the disc when I open the DVD box. I was sooo disappointed when I saw that PSILY did not have pictures on its disc. This looks great and can't wait to see the DVD cover!

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I love how they keep reinventing this great documentary!! Thanks Squaw for the news!

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Thanks for the photo...lovely :)

I have questions if you dont mind answering them. What exactly are the new bonus materials and will this be the last

of the never before seen footage with Gerard and the last of the Wrath DVD's?

I"m only asking because I was wondering why all the unseen footage and interviews were not added in it's entirety on

the previous Wrath Of Gods dvd.

thanks in advance :)

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Only days now!!!!!

This is the final version....

Same great documentary that won some impressive awards...

Subtitles in French, Spanish, German, Polish, & Icelandic...

New bonus material and extras....

new Gerry fun!!!!!!

When you capture everything that is going on

on a film set.. there is hours and hours of

behind the scenes goodies....

I am so glad all of this great stuff was captured...

it sure has entertained us well!!! :)

hugs all....

have a great day :))))

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