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Gerry's Phantom helps woman lose weight!


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Read this article to discover how one woman was so inspired by Gerry's portrayal in Phantom of the Opera, that she completely changed her life! WOW!

That is amazing! Since the 2004 film came out, I have heard many similar stories of how people have been inspired to turn their lives around in some way. Some have lost weight like this woman, others have pursued new interests...it is a VERY common story among fans of the 2004 film and is directly connected to Gerard Butler's portrayal of the Phantom.

Over the past 5 years, I have personally received 100's of emails from women telling me their stories of how they overcame depression, or got over the loss of a loved one, or were just inspired to live a passionate and exciting life. Gerry and the entire cast and crew of the 2004 film should be very proud that their artistry has had such a positive impact on the lives of film goers.


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She was on the Today show this morning which I usually do not watch but my oldest had it there before school and just as I was about to change the channel I heard Gerry's name and had to watch. Im so glad for her.

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OMG I can't believe this beautiful story about how Gerry continues to inspire women around the world.


How I love and adore this man ... he didn't even have to do anything but be what he is - a great actor and a wonderful man. :wuv:


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I hope we can find some way to contact this young woman and bring her to GALS!


Now THAT'S a great idea! Have her be a speaker at the next Convention!

I also hope that somehow she gets to meet Gerry through that story. She deserves it so very much to meet her hero and inspiration.

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This is such a lovely story of how Gerry has once again inspired. I don't think he has any idea the impact he has had on so many, especially women. It's the quality about him I am always talking about, his "light". I've never known anyone like him and I am thankful every day that I discovered Gerard Butler and how this has led me to this wonderful site and these wonderful people!

Thanks, Swannie.


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I can totally related to this women! Seeing Gerry in POTO was a changing point in my life too. I was not happy with my weight or what I was doing for work. After seeing Gerry in POTO, I was inspired to do something about it. I started working out, eating healthier and went back into theater. Today I have lost 80 lbs., I work in theater and am a much happier person. :)

If only Gerry knew how much he has inspired people to better their lives. :wuv:


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This story is somewhat familiar because it seems a lot of our very own Gals have had their lives changed in some way by Gerrys special "gift" only darned if I know what it is but I know it IS!

I certainly commend this woman for her commitment and persistence and really would love to to know if she is still a fan of her "Hero" :cunning:

Beautiful story!

:wave: Frannie

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